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June 9th 2017

I honestly always had acne issues since maybe 16yrs old but the only time they would become noticeable to me was when I was on my period. However, ever since I moved from Jamaica and have been living in Hobbs, NM for the past 2 years my face has gotten so messed up that I can even upload a picture without editing it. Even though I would rather 0 filter my face is too ugly for that right now. I have tried Jamaican Black soap which really helps with the oily-ness of my skin(which is extremely oily;my diet has a lot to do with that though if I'm going to be honest) but the acne is still jus poping up 1 after the other. I've also tried egg an cinnamon mix and neutrogena products and 1 clean and clear product that had some blue beads in it. I've honestly given up on my face now. Hence, why it really can't hurt to try 1 more thing. If this doesn't work and I just look worse, my face was already bad to begin with. 

Wish me luck.