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first ten days of caveman

I have been fighting acne since I was 16 or so- sometime in the high school. In the beginning I didn’t care much and it was quite ok, but getting worse – ten I got some cleansers that made it better after every use. But Then after some time it was really drying – around second year into it. Around that time I also got scars on my temples, almost not anywhere else.
When I was 20 or so I switched to natural versions of everything. Since then my acne got better and when I cleaned it I would even look like I have no acne at times. But my back and chest acne was always quite bad and much worse than the face. I became researching into acne recently more than ever, I improved my diet, I exercise regularly, but not excessively. I used to exercise a lot for half a year around a year ago which helped my acne a bit more but still not cleared it but then I had to eat too much in order to maintain my weight because I also have moderate digestive issues. I am sure it is correlated because in periods when I had good digestion my acne was also much better (100% clear on a good day)
before going caveman I always had to clean my face twice or more times a day – although I recently was washing my face only with 100% natural cleansers or with things like green tea – it wasn’t drying but my face would get oily by the end of the day and probably bring a few pimples. I welcome any thoughts or remarks Day 1 Started on Friday evening – first evening not hard because I had just showered so I didn’t have to skip much
(note: I am spraying salt and probiotics on face and body- sort of a cheating I hope- should help the good bacteria establish and stay there and be there quick after any intrusion(it did help my body acne a little (salt) in two days)
I don’t know if that is a good way to do it but there is a product that promotes skin bacteria and it includes salt Day 2 Saturday – I had football so I didn’t do anything except shower after – I wiped my face with a hand to get off greasiness – might have prolonged the beginning- also in the evening I popped two whites on forehead- probably bad idea since on Sunday I got three new ones Day 3 Sunday – got 6 or 7 more throughout the day – about the same as with my old regimen but none of them seem too harsh and if I wanted I would pop them all out easily – probably easier than normally
also popped two on my body – today no shower, no nothing – water touched only a bit around mouth due to brushing – should try to be more gentle with that one too (later on I started making my own toothpaste or brush with coconut oil only)
going to sleep with a greasy face – but not that greasy I can say already – after more than 24 hours since last washing – also leaving sunblock on – they say better than washing it off and also I get some protection right
the rest of the skin where I don’t have pimples – everywhere except around mouth and on chin looks better – more even Day 4 Monday – although I didn’t have a shower the day before, as I said more than 24 hours – in the morning my skin wasn’t that oily – it was more oily than it would normally have been but.
So in the morning it was better than the day before- about 3 new pimples but the ones from day before were healed-ready to fall off(I had put jojoba oil on the forehead spot where I had had three of them)
in the morning I did my sprints – after that I showered and let water on my face for 10 seconds or so but didn’t touch – I still have residue of sunblock from Saturday and I am going to actually leave it on and get benefits of sunblock without putting it on.
the face is itching – it looks much better than it would normally but it is really itchy all the time – normally I would probably just cleanse it and it would be ok for a few hours – now I will go and spray some salt water or probiotic water on but it doesn’t help much I still think this way of cheating is the way to go- helped my back acne- still is helping It – I have got maybe two or three new small pimples on my back and chest combined and the rest looks smooth and rested It still not perfect – at home I have a water filter and think that could be helping especially now doing water only – My hair is great – not having washed for maybe a week and it is not getting any more oilier – only problem is that when I scratch it i pick up a lot of build-up from the scalp – I think that will become dandruff if I do it too often which I kind of do
my nose is still good – only on the left side I got a little pimple but ok – the rest look congested and is itchy but nothing actually happens – normally I would get on average 1.5 pimple a day there
today I checked the back of my neck – not bad but I thought It would be better since there is nothing sticking out or painful – probably is even a scar – that will get better however with no poo routine
also neck is really nice – as well as around ears – and sides of forehead – is just brown and even except for one pimple on each side of the neck – around 10 days old – but getting better Day 5 Tuesday
we went on a trip – sweating, not resting, wearing a cap
I had three new big whites from the morning above my mouth and one bellow, as well as one on the side
that was horrible – but I didn’t touch it and by the end of the day I had two more and these were really big
by the end I really stung but since we came back at 22.30 I didn’t shower, anything Day 6 Wednesday
those from yesterday subsided – I could scrub them off immediately
but I have got a two under my mouth that are inflamed from under and one on a temple – scary
but body acne is better than previously – black heads are just going up and ready to fall
skin texture and evenness is getting better
I am going running now so after I will let water on my face and also in hear so I hope I will look ready to go out(as if) Day 10 Monday – 5 days since last post
much better now – I have been showering daily but I don’t wipe my face, only let water on the face for 5 second or so
my hair is not pretty bad, still picking at it and the dandruff seems really bad – wasn’t that bad until after yesterdays’s football match
since the beginning I have been thinking about this a very often – like 2 hours a day – but among people I really feel more confident than I have in months – despite my 3 whiteheads that even my friend pointed at. So I am also growing out my beard – my facial hair is not perfect but after initial itchiness it seems much better everyday – the worst it was on Saturday after the party
since the regimen I feel like I am in control of my acne and life in general, Tuesday day 11
Just like ainother day, in the morning I got one or two whites on my chin – normal stuff but they are ok.
it is better every day – my skin is not flakey, is just even and even on the temples it is only better than yesterday.
my problem now is that although I am really confident now, I still keep thinking about it and I am anxious to see the improvement – fortunately, unlike most anything in the past it is helping so my confidence doesn’t go down with it but still it makes my thoughts busy.
yesterday I had a busy day working and after that went running – that was the only water on my face
showers with the filter seem much better for my hair so I think it does help-I bought one for about 20 dollars from china.
my face is always itching – I actually pop forehead and chin pimples by clenching and moving my face muscles the way it wrinkles and makes pressure and pops the pimple. I think it is not ideal by my restlessness just doesn’t go away overnight.
now in the evening I think, I get a few, like 2 whites more throughout the day. It just takes more time, they are mostly ok, but also they appear at the place where I move the mouth muscles. Day 12
again a few more pimples throughout the day- I think about 4 altogether
also there is the dead skin finally building up at places where I have or had acne – the color is yellowish. No build-up at places where I didn’t have acne but I imagine it would take hundreds of cotton balls to clean
Pimples that come up go away quickly- within one day but new pimples keep coming up almost the same rate as before




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