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BLOG FOURTEEN, 20th November 2017

Hey All,

Yes, I know it’s been a month, but one bloody grouse month for my skin!! I have honestly never been happier or confident with my skin!!! It is looking fresh, smooth and overall just glowing. I can honestly say that sticking to a routine is a must with your face!!! 
Since I don’t really put anything on my face during the day, I have come to the conclusion that my face is definitely “oily” based. So with this, I tend to use products oil-free which has helped. 
So 9/10 months in on ESTELLE contraceptive Pill with the help of other products, I can finally say I am happy and thrilled with the result and the wait was definitely worth it. 

Thank you for reading these blogs, don’t worry, I will continue to update you all and answer any questions if needed. Xx




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BLOG THIRTEEN, Friday 20th October

Hey Girls,

My skin is feeling refreshed and amazing lately!!! Though last week I was having a few issues with it. Because I went to the “Hot Springs” on the weekend (which was absolutely beautiful), I really wanted my skin to feel and look clear! So throughout the week before hand, I drenched my skin every night with ‘Epiduo’ and ‘Clindatech’! As dry and red as my skin was by Thursday, I managed to get it to a soft and normal blemished tone. I felt more confident than ever. 

Now, Friday morning, a week later, I’ve got yet ANOTHER BLIND PIMPLE!!! I can’t deal with them!!! They are literally the worst things to appear on someone’s face! It hurts, it’s bumpy and large and all I want to do it squeeze it! But I can’t, because I know it’ll make it worse. Here is an image of it:

It’s visable straight away!! And it sucks! The rest of my face is fine, but of course an annoying blind pimple had to ruin it!!!


Anyway, it’ll be fine! It’ll be gone in a week -.- grrrr. 

As for skipping my period for the first time, it went awesomingly!! I didn’t get any spot bleeding nor did I break out. It is completely safe and I’m so happy!!!

Anyway, I hope all your regimes are going well! Sending positive vibes to all xxx





BLOG TWELVE, Sunday 8th October

Hello Girls,

Just touching base on my journey. So far so good. I have continued doing the daily/ nightly routine as well as including the 'Witch Hazel Face Pads' within the routine. Honestly, having this product as a toner has been a God send. It makes my face feel refreshed and clean. I put it over/ under everything I do with my face. For example, after I wash my face, I cleanse my face the 'Witch Hazel Face Pads' and then continue the rest of my routine. As well as this, before I put on my makeup, I cleanse my face with this product prior to application of my makeup.

I've noticed that using NON-COMEDOGENIC products is best for people who have skins like mine... hormonal acne. COMEDOGENIC products block our pores and that's how we can get the little pimples that are just annoying to have. I have made sure all my products specifically say NON-COMEDOGENIC so I feel comfortable in not having any breakouts. From my cleanser, to toner, to makeup foundation, they all are stamped with NON-COMEDOGENIC. So make sure to look out for this when purchasing products for your skin.

I haven't had much of a change in anything that I'm doing, so this blog entry is just one to keep you all updated.

From my last entry, within 2 weeks, I had 3 blind pimples... it was horrendous. Though sticking to the routine I mentioned, after about 5 days, they disappear. I do have slight pigmentation from them, but I'd rather that than a massive bump on my head.

Here is what my face looks like today! I'm very happy with the state that it's in... who am I kidding? I'm over the moon!!!! The darker marks you can see on my face are from previous pimples, though, like I mentioned, I'm not too fussed with them, they'll disappear eventually as the skin shreds. I have purposely taken the photo outside to show my actual complexion. 

Anyway, like I said, I'm over the moon. I'm a little anxious this week though, it is the first time I'm skipping my period on the pill, so I'm just worried my hormones will freak out and I'll break out. But I'll keep you guys posted on that!

Thanks for reading in. Please message me/ comment if you have any questions. xx
P.S. If I can give you guys some important advice about your skin... DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE! It is the worst thing for it. When you don't have pimples to when you do have pimples... DON'T TOUCH IT! Check out this youtube video to show what not touching a pimple can result in! CLICK HERE





BLOG ELEVEN, Wednesday 27th September

Hey Girls,

Hope you're all well. 
STRESS is the key factor to large pimples!! I've finally noticed this a great deal. Those last couple of weeks before I wrote my last blog (BLOG TEN), I had various blind pimples (will also discuss later in the blog the best way to remove them), and I am almost certain it was due to stress. I had mountains of work to do for university which was causing me soooo much stress...resulting in pimples. Another way that I have realised that stress is definitely related is because this last week, I've honestly had no massive pimples that I've had to pamper with, which is awesome and because  of this I have zero stress (university week break). My treatments are seriously starting to seep through...along with no stress!! Honestly. I know it's easier said than done, but stressing less can honestly do our skin a world of wonders!! Doing mediation, yoga, pilaties or simply downloading a free meditation app on your phone and doing it at night before you head to bed. 

Moving on, due to products usually coming to an end once you've used it all, obviously replacing them is a good idea in order to maintain a well balanced skin routine. 
- Due to running out of the deep cleanser from "Skinstitut", I have replaced it with "Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser" which has been a grest substitue over the past week and has my face feeling super soft. 
- Another cleanser I have purchased is "Defy Cosmeceuticals Deep Cleanse" to give my face that extra clean. I purchased this from the facial salon I attended a few months ago. 
- Before I head to bed, ritually for the past month, I've been cleansing my face with "Witch Hazel (TN Dickson) Face Wipes" and wow do I believe these have helped. They remove all excess dirt that may be on your face after a cleanse. I defintely do recommened. 
- To further help my skin I have also been taking "Healthy Care VITAMIN D3 1000IU" tablets just as an extra thing for my skin, to which I believe it can benefit from. 

Lastly, blind pimples! Horrid, hard, red, non squizzable, bumpy looking pimples thateveryone HATES!  I was unfortunate to get two within a week. As desperate as I was to find a quick cure... I found one that works for me:
-  Warm press over the pimple for 10 minutes on and off. 
- Then, overnight, place "Essano Rosehip Clarifying Clay Masque" over the affected area as a spot treatment. 
By following these simple steps, it will reduce the time frame of the blind pimple. They usually last 5-7 days, whereas doing the above can reduce it by 2-3 days! LIFE SAVER!!!

Anywho, I hope the above information helps in even the slightest. Please comment or message me for any questioms if needed. xx




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BLOG TEN, Saturday 16th September

Hello Girls,

Wow! It's been such a long time since I've posted, so I'm very sorry about that. Life is basically insane at the moment, university, two jobs and just trying to keep my head afloat has been super difficult. Along side this, I've been sick, with the flu, a few times which has set me back with university work, so only recently am i starting to get back on track. 

Anyway, regarding my skin... it's about 85% there, I'm super happy, but I still think improvements need to be made! Majority of my cheek pimples have disappeared, now it's just waiting for my forehead pimples to go away. I don't know why this is taking so long!!

From my previous blogs, I have continued implementing the same daily and nightly routine, which I really do think has helped my skin.

In saying all this, I am so relived that the 'Estelle 35 ED' is finalllllyyyy starting to show results.... I just started the active pills on my EIGHTH PACKET!! So the time frame for everyone is so different. I  remember eagerly waiting for month four to come around, but no significant results were their, but only now am I really starting to see result... thank god! Been a long time coming.

I will definitely keep you girls in the loop every 2 weeks now! I'm so sorry its taken me so long to write up another blog, but don't worry, I'm back at it now.

Here are some photos that I took today, and after my shower tonight:

My forehead has been punished with blind pimples and I don't know why... time to research.

Blog with you soon xxx





BLOG NINE, Monday 31st July

Hello Girls,

I know it's only been a week since I've posted, but I did something magical during this week... I WENT FOR A FACIAL! Can I just say, I was so so nervous going into it, only because I've heard it's common to break out after a facial because the uncleanliness in your skin removing itself from under the skin to which can create the pimples. Though, this was not the case for me, at all. I had a lovely beauty therapist who examined my skin and only used products suitable for my skin. It was so relaxing. I left the beauty parlour with a rather expensive "serum", that I am to place on my skin every morning and night. As it's been 5 days since the facial and using this amazing serum, my skin is feeling amazing. It's definitely the facial and serum, as well as my day/ night facial routines. I did tell the beauty therapist about my concerns and she told me that I am  on my way to beautiful skin. I was so thrilled to hear this. I also told her about my daily and nightly routine....she said it's all good, excluding using the pore scrub every night. She suggested to limit this to  three times a week! The scrub eliminates the skins protective surface, so i will definitely listen to her. 
Below are some pictures of me, in a different and happy way! 
By all means my skin is not perfect and does show scars, but the serum should help to eliminate this. **Ignore my daggy night gown** 

Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog. Xxx





BLOG EIGHT, Sunday 23rd July

Hey Girls,

Yesterday I just started my 6th packet of Estelle 35 ED Pill! And can I just say that my skin is looking amazing. I honestly couldn't be happier at this stage. It's not completely clear and I'm still getting the occasional large pimple, but they're easily dealt with. Cannot wait to see the skin in a few months time. 

My boobs have defineltly grown bigger, I know this because I've had to go out and buy other bras... which is awesome!

Though in a recent newspaper article, I've read that this particular pill has had some negative affects on Australian Women, so I'm starting to get a little scared continuing this pill. A recent Australian woman had blood clots in her legs (supposedly from this pill) and has to wear a full-leg, compression stocking for two years. So I'm a little worried, especially reading this. 

Anyway, other than that, I've stuck to my daily/ nightly routine and I believe that has helped with the progression of my skin looking so much better. 

I will post post photos later in the week or next week. Keep posted xxx





BLOG SEVEN, Monday 26th June

Hey Girls,

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting. I finished university exams a couple weeks ago and it's been a few weeks of celebrations so it's taken me away from writing a blog, though I have been checking up on the blog to see if there have been any quieries or comments and what not. 

Anyway, back to what this blog is about...can I just say, I cannot believe the progress my skin has made. It's not by all means perfect, but it is on its way to looking awesome! I'm getting back my confidence and am starting to wear no makeup more often!!!

I went camping a few weeks back for three nights, so that meant zero nightly/ morning routine, and to my surprise, my skin was fine!!!

I'm still sticking to the routine I mentioned a few blogs back, and sticking to this regime is what I'm sure is helping with my skin getting better!!

I am on the fifth pack of the pill and I'm just starting to see result, so yes - everyone is different. And defitneltly worth the waiting, so just stick it through. As well as the pill, I'm also on the antibiotics, twice a day, so I'm sure that's also helping with the progress. 

Here are a few few photos of my current skin situation:

So yes, like mentioned, it's it perfect, it definitely on its way to clear, which is what I have enough looking for!!!

Please, if you have any questions, let me know below, I'll do my best to answer xx





BLOG SIX, Monday 5th June

Hey Girls,

Sorry I haven't posted a blog recently, I've been super busy and stressed with university assignments and exams... but they're over now, time to relax.
I've noticed since I've last posted that the stress that comes with university related work creates... yes you guessed it... more pimples! Yay, hooray!
Honestly starting to get impatient now, but I'm honestly still clinging onto hope and sticking to my daily and nightly routine/ regime.

My skin has somewhat cleared up, but, like I've mentioned, I've been getting the medium-sized super red pimples on my cheeks and forehead, even a blind pimple that absolutely kills, on my chin... and I'd say they're from stress  wah! I wish my skin had cleared up on the third-fourth packet of the pill like some people had mentioned in the reviews... lucky people!

Anyway, still hanging in there. I honestly cannot wait to be confident in my own skin, it's the worst feeling having to look away from bright lights just so people don't have to look at my skin, or to not be afraid to go out during the day without makeup I hate this so much omg. Anyway! Positivity and baby steps! I think maybe because  I am so focused on my skin, is what's making it out as if it is taking forever? Anyone the same? Grrr.

Thanks for reading my blog post, sure will be more to come and definitely photos by Thursday-Friday.

Thank you again xx





BLOG FIVE, Sunday 28th May

Hey Girls,

Just thought I'd touch base, more so with the pill!

So I am two active pills in on my fourth packet. Since I've started I've not really had many side effects. When you start taking 'Estelle 35 ED' you'll come across these side effects (EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT): Tender and/or painful breasts with or without secretion Gastric upsets Headache Feeling depressed Libido changes Reduced tolerance to contact lenses Feeling or being sick Any change in normal secretion from the vagina including change in menstrual flow Rash, allergy, sensitivity to sunlight, itchiness Appetite and/or body weight changes including fluid retention Out of the ten listed above, I've only had three side effects, though they haven't been a major change to everyday life.
I definitely have tender breasts... way more than usual, and from this, I feel my breasts have slight increased in size... winning! I have extremely small boobs, so this really isn't a bad thing at all. 
The second thing are headaches. I get heaps of headaches before, during and after my period, since being on this pill... I never really got headaches, but I've had an increased amount of headaches and as a result of this, feeling tired. It's not too bad though. If they're close to migraines, I take panadol to relieve the pain, and just move on.
The last thing is definitely an increased appetite. I HAVE BEEN EATING SO MUCH!! And I'm assuming this will increase my body weight in the coming months. But due to this, I have upped my exercise and I've been eating healthy!

AS FOR MY SKIN.... since my last blog, I feel my skin has improved even more, and I'm becoming more and more confident (baby steps, baby steps). I don't know if this is due to the pill or the minocycline antibiotics. But due to being on minocycline for only 2 weeks now, I feel the pill is finally showing through. The oil on my skin and in my hair has also dramatically reduced... and this is definitely due to the pill! So far, I am so happy with how it's going! I just have to keep pushing.

As mentioned in my last blog, the "St. Ives" Pore Cleanser... IS AMAZING! It opens up my pores so I can give my face a good clean... definitely recommend! And the softness of my face is incredible also!!

Thanks girls for reading my blog, I hope I'm helping even in the slightest. Feel free to ask questions or to simply comment anything. I check up on my content everyday, I'm here to help or to just simply rant on about skin problems, I know the feeling! xx

P.S. Photos to come later in the week or beginning of next week.





BLOG FOUR, Monday 22nd May

Hey Girls,

Basically, it's my time of the month and my food cravings have gone crazy (always do) ... and this means, my face (to me) doesn't feel any better, but I am starting to see improvements regardless, and my family and friends have also started to realise some minor changes (baby steps guys, baby steps).

Anyway, due to my impatience (as described in a previous blog), I am now on 'Minocycline' twice a day (morning/ breakfast and night/ dinner) as well as 'Estelle 35 Pill' (at exactly 11am every morning) because I really want to attack these little pimples and want them gone on the asap. I'm starting to stress too much over them, so I thought being on more than just 'Estelle' would fasten my progress, and now being on 'Minocycline' for nearly two weeks, I'm starting to see some improvements. I've just started my fourth packet of 'Estelle', though due to being on my period, I'm not taking the active pills at the moment, thus my little breakouts.

I'm still using the 'dove moisturising soap' when in the shower, but since seeing and speaking to 'Australia Skin Clinic' they has provided me with some remedies that should help out with my skin... so basically, for the third time since posting in this journey, I have changed up my skin routine once again. I am aware that you should only see results if you stick to the one routine, but I'm confident in this final routine as I'm already seeing results (even as my period has come around, which is awesome). It's all about trial and error though!
So here is a list of the products I've been using everyday:

MORNING: "Skinstitut" L-Lactic Cleanser  I use this first to wash my face, using lukewarm water, then pat dry  "Skinstitut" Hydrating Mask IF I HAVE TIME IN THE MORNING... I leave this on for 10 - 15 minutes, then using lukewarm water to wash off, then pat dry "ClindaTech" (Prescription Acne Treatment Topical Solution) I use the applicator and place over affected areas "Skinstitut" Moisture Defence Normal Skin Once the "ClindaTech" has fully dried, I place this moisturiser over the top
Whenever I go out (special occasion, not for university), I always wear makeup, but I never leave my makeup on overnight. I always remove my makeup with 'Garner Sensitive Skin Makeup Remover', then proceed my nightly skin routine: "St. Ives" Blemish Control, Apricot Scrub This helps to prevent blemishes and minimise pores... I use this to scrub my face, then using lukewarm water to rinse off "Skinstitut" L-Lactic Cleanser  I use this after (above) to wash my face, using lukewarm water, then pat dry  "Skinstitut" Enzymatic Micro Peel I leave this on for 10 - 15 minutes, then using lukewarm water to wash off, then pat dry "ClindaTech" (Prescription Acne Treatment Topical Solution) I use the applicator and place over affected areas IF SKIN IS FEELING DRY... "Skinstitut" Moisture Defence Normal Skin Once the "ClindaTech" has fully dried, I place this moisturiser over the top
So far, I am super happy with this routine... yes, at times it takes a while, but because I so desperately want clear skin, the more time and effort I put into my skin, I know I should be getting positive results soon.

Below are some images of my skin two weeks from when you last saw it on my first blog:


Left Cheek

Anyway, I'm sure you can see that there isn't MUCH of an improvement, but the slightest of improvements are there! Patience, patience, patience!

Thanks girls, I will be blogging again in a week.

Please do ask any questions if you have any! xx





BLOG THREE, Thursday 18th May

Hey Girls,

So it's been just over a week since I've last posted. 

During the time frame from then and now...I did get a little impatient with my skin unfortunately. I decided to go to my GP and maybe get a referral to a dermatologist just to get clarification on what exactly my pimples are. After consulting with my doctor, he informed me that me skin wasn't that terrible to get a referral to a dermatologist (which was quite relieving to hear), but what he did prescribe me was the antibiotic "Minocycline" where I take two tablets a day along with my birth control. I'm a week off finishing my third packet, and I'm still not seeing results. 
My GP said that taking the antibiotics may speed the process, which is all I wanted rom the Pill originally...but I'm so impatient! So hopefully the minocycline starts showing some positives soon. 
Befoe I go to bed, my GP suggested using a soap free moisturising wash to cleanse my face, so I invested in some "Dove" soap...my skin is so soft!! 
I shall post in a weeks time to let you all know how my skin is looking (may find extra pimples due to it being my time of the month is two days....but who knows)!

Thank you for reading this blog and there will be more to come. Xx

P.S My skin is mostly similar to last week, from blog one, so no pictures are necessary this week....pictures next week though!





BLOG TWO, Wednesday 10th May 2017

Hey Girls,

Just thought I'd touch in and let you all know the nightly routine I have put in place. 

In the past, I've always worn makeup and have never really let my skin breathe. Since recently, I have decided to completely give up on makeup during the week and only wear it for special occasions. Though when I remove my makeup, I used to use facial cleanser wipes...which really flared up my skin and irritated it, so for the past 3 months, I've decided to change and remove my makeup with cotton pads and "Garniers Sensitive Makeup Remover". It is so gentle on my skin and does remove my makeup instantly. After this, I use a pore scrub, but I don't scrub too harshly (using warm water), let it sit for 30 seconds and then wash it off with cold water. The cold water calms down the skin. I then pat dry my skin with a clean and new facial cloth. I don't leave anything over night because the skin needs to breathe. Sometimes I use "Witch Hazel Cleansing Pads". My skin always is smooth and feels clean. 
I'd suggest doing this nightly routine if you do have skin similar looking to mine from Blog One. 

All the best and I'll be posting other updates soon. Keep posted. And don't forget to ask questions or leave any necessary comments below. Xx





BLOG ONE, 2.5 MONTHS IN - Tuesday 9th May 2017

Hey Girls,
My name is Sarah and am 19 years old from Melbourne, Australia.  I've been on Estelle 35 (generic brand of Diane- 35) due to skin problems. I have never had bad skin as such, but the hormonal pimples I do have on my forehead and on my cheeks in particular have made me really self conscious (especially during the day time and harsh lighting) and this is the reason why I've decided to try this Pill. - See photos below. In the past, due to myself not being confident in my skin, have tried so many different options:
- Creams,
- Exfoliators,
- Bezac,
- Doxycycline Oral Antibiotic (which WAS amazing, but you can only be on this antibiotic for a maximum time of 8 months... after being off the antibiotics for 3 months, the pimples did eventually come back... which brings me to trying out this Pill),
- Epiduo,
- Many different skin routines...
SO many different things, and nothing has really worked out for me long term So far (2 and a half months in), I haven't seen much change in my skin. I've read various reviews from acne.org and have come to the conclusion that I should see effective results between the 3 - 6 month range... I just want it to show results as soon as possible. I am usually such a patient person, though with this pill and not seeing any positive changes to my skin as of yet, I'm slowly getting impatient. I just have to stick it out, but I need it to show results soon, just so I can start feeling confident in myself again. As far as side affects go, I haven't had any (so far)... maybe only increased appetite, but that's not too much of a major issue for me, so I guess I've been quite fortunate.
In saying all this, I do want to keep you posted on my progress as the review page has honestly shown me so much and giving my input will hopefully help some of you who are going though the same thing. 

I will be updating every few weeks or so on my blog, so feel free to ask questions on my page or simply just comment if you are going through the same thing.

We're all in this together. xx

 ForeheadLeft Cheek




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