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Accutane (Claravis) month 4: dry lips & joint pain

A much needed update: Claravis Month 4   I have not updated, been super busy and actually not a lot has changed.    So heres how things are going:    I am now half way finished with month 4. I have been taking 40mg twice a day since month 2. My Dr thinks i will be done with treatment with month 5 and will probably not need to do 6 months.    For a while I felt disappointed because I still had breakouts. I still had pimples. I would think when is my face going to be clear. Well im finally at the point where my skin is actually clear. I dont have acne, Im not really seeing pimples. If i do have pimples they are small and not all over my face. Although my pores are noticeable, thats ok. Finding a regimen for my pores will be something I will look into soon. Overall things are going good. Glad to FINALLY have clear skin after 4 damn months of this medicine.    Now lets talk about side effects   Dryness: I only experienced dryness on my face in the first 2 months or so. Overall my skin isn't too dry but i still moisturize before applying makeup and I dont tend to use moisturizer before going to sleep.    Face: Since I wasn't experiencing a lot of dry skin, I was still able to use my acne cleanser & creams. It made me feel better about my breakouts while on the medicine (even though it might not have helped). I have stopped using acne cleansers & creams.    For makeup remover I wash my face with my daughters Johnson & Johnson moisture wash with shea & cocoa butter. (I have not been able to find a makeup remover that my face agrees with). I just use this to wash my face at night and it removes my makeup well. In the morning I use CeraVe hydrating moisture cleanser. Also I always moisturize before applying makeup.    Hair: At first my hair was fine but now its Dry!!! My hair has broken off in the area where i lay my head on my pillow. In which I didn't used to have bangs but now I do. The hair right by my ear is not long enough to reach my ponytail anymore which is super annoying because now I constantly need gel & bobby pins. I put oil in my hair in that area before going to bed. I hope it grows back soon. Thats the only part of my hair that has been affected.    Lips: My lips are dry as hell! I cannot leave the house without Vaseline or auqaphor. I had an allergic reaction to some flavored chapstick so my dr said to use just straight up petroleum jelly. If I dont use anything they burn! And my lips get crazy looking and flaky a few times a day. Sometimes I have to rub all the flakes off my lip and apply a fresh layer of vaseline.    Nose: TMI but I have noticed a lot of dry boogers. Not sure if related to the medicine or if it's because the air is dry during summer months. But sometimes its so bad my nose is stopped up and hard to breathe.    Eyes: Never experienced dry eyes on the medicine    Body: My body hurts!! My lower back hurts. My knees and ankles. When I wake up in the morning I am literally hobbling out of bed to go downstairs to get my daughter milk. I thought it was because I gained weight. And because of my weight I started dieting and exercising but my Lower back & knees are so stiff and achey. I also started jogging, I thought maybe I didn't have the correct running form or maybe Im running wrong or something. But I just realized its related to the accutane.    Im kind of worried getting off the medicine. Like how long will the side effects still last? What if my acne comes back? We shall see. 





Makeup on Accutane (Claravis) part 2

Makeup update at week 6 (day 39)   My dr has now upped my dosage to 40mg twice a day.    My makeup routine so far: use CeraVe AM moisturizer with 30SPF then use Aveeno skin relief intense moisture or CeraVe moisturizing cream.    Foundation- still using my Neutrogena skin clearing liquid foundation. I haven't really experienced extreme dry patches so, so far this works for me. Although i still have trouble with my makeup staying in place. I use a translucent powder and setting spray afterwards. I look a little oily I think because of the creams I use first. I may consider using Revlon color stay for dry skin to see if helps my makeup stay a little better. Also I only use this foundation on the weekends. And still able to layer my makeup w concealer, highlight&contour and stuff.    My foundation I use at work is mostly my Loreal true match lumi cushion. While at work I only use moisturizer before foundation because I work indoors. I also sometimes use pressed powder foundation but it makes me look super powdery sometimes    For lips only using chapstick or blistex.    So not that much of a change  





Makeup on accutane (claravis)

Today is day 17 and is the first day of wearing a full face of makeup. I still used my liquid foundation (Neutrogena skin clearing makeup). This is for oily acne prone skin and contains salicylic acid.

I used my ceraVe moisture cream mixed with a little avocado oil. Then applied my makeup as usual. I was able to use concealer, foundation, and my highlight/contour creams. I didnt have any dry patches but theres no way to hide that my face is so bumpy with all these pimples. 

Also even though im not so oily anymore my makeup didnt really stay in place  (i have always had this problem no matter what setting powder or finishing spray I use)   Although i was in the sun for majority of the day but at least  didnt look dry. 

We'll see if my makeup changes drastically at some point. 

UPDATE: today on day 18 i tried using my ceraVe daily AM moisturizer with 30 spf (it really feels and smells like its just sunblock). Well i used this today as a moisturizer/primer and i see dry patches around my mouth and on my chin. Maybe next time i will try the moisturizer/sunblock first. Then add cream on top nd see if that works. 





The beginning-week 2

So i figured I might as well keep track of my Accutane experience.   A little backstory: I have had acne since I was 12 or 13 years old. I am now 26 years old. I usually would say my acne is moderate, but always persistent. I would have cycles where I break out then as it clears up i would have a semi clear face. Then break out again. I have used proactiv all throughout highschool and college.    In college I decided to try a different skincare line called Murad. IT GAVE ME THE WORST ACNE OF MY LIFE. I went from having normal acne (reg pustules) to having very large cystic acne. They felt like boils on my face. They were 3times the size of a normal pimple and veryy deep. To this day if i get pimples on certain parts of my cheek they are very deep pimples.    Anyways. I started using Rodan & Fields Unblemished regiment a year ago, which of course has not kept my acne away. I recently started seeing a dermatologist and we first tried bactrim along with retinA. Bactrim worked great until i broke out in hives a month later.    Also within a week of starting bactrim i broke out with itchy painful pin sized bumps all over my hands. It was sooo itchy. It hurt and my hands were swollen. Turns out i all of a sudden developed Dyshidrotic Dermatitis. A form of eczema where water filled blisters form on the hands and sides of finger-oh great. I haven't learned what makes it flare up but my dr gave me a magic ointment that makes it go away and the blisters pop open 3 weeks later. So far i have only had 2 flare ups which is why i still don't really understand it.    So here we are on my 2nd week of Accutane (claravis- istretinoin 40mg once a day). Before starting the meds I researched everything about how my skin would change and my new regimen I would be having. I bought moisturizers and cleansers and creams and tried figuring out my new makeup I would need. Which i havnt really needed all these new products yet.     The 2nd week: Since last week my lips started feeling tight. They get only very slightly chapped where i have skin shedding a bit. I use blistex every 30min or even sooner than that. I have chapstick everywhere (car, purse, at home, at work) in case i need it.    My skin has started to be less oily. My skin was reallyyy oily before Accutane. Now i dont have to blot my makeup during the day. In the first week I couldnt yet wear moisturizers in the day unless oil free because it was greasy and made me extra greasy oily looking. This week I have started using ceraVe moisturizing cream at night and morning sometimes or sometimes my Aveeno intense repair moisture relief cream.    Makeup: The makeup i used to wear is neutrogena mineral sheers loose powder during the week and skin clearing liquid makeup on the weekends.    Im always looking for easy quick makeup for work. So far on accutane i have tried Loreal true match lumi cushion. (A liquid foundation applied w a sponge) it worked well for work, but on my chin it made me look flaky and dry. What works decently so far is using moisturizer then using my neutrogena mineral sheers pressed powder.    Cleanser: using ceraVe hydrating cleanser in mornings. At night its not enough to take off my makeup. So at night i have been using my daughters johnson&johnson baby moisture wash with shea & coco butter. I have been planning to get an oil cleanser as a makeup remover.    Acne: i have broken out on my chin. I had about 8 pimples/bumps. Not all came to a head. I had a small cystic pimple on my right cheek. I have another 2 pimples on left cheek. Also my nose feels fuzzy. Like i had tons of whiteheads. Kind of annoying because i look really bumpy. Theres no way to hide it.    Hair: my hair is dry. I have curly hair which i do a full wash probably only twice a week. My hair isnt usually oily but by the end of the week gets a little oily.  (I dont use product during the week. I work in a lab so my hair has to be up or tied back. Usually in a braid) also my eyebrows feel dry. My face in general gets itchy now but especially my eyebrows.    Sorry so long. I will do an update at week 4.