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Week five !

i cant believe its week five already !
my face looks good, its not very dry and I am getting few new acne here and there nothing major..
I am doing almost exactly like last week the only diff is the eczema is spreading a little but the ointment is solving this problem.
Yesterday I upped the does to 60mg, so this week the side effect should be more intense I guess ..






Week four ! its as if i am not even on roaccutane !

So I am done with the first month !

I am so happy that I am doing so great so far, my initial break outs weren't that bad it was very minor..
My black heads are almost all gone
my side effects are disappearing slowly..
right now I have very minimal side effects, here's a list of what I had and how I am doing right now:

Lips dryness is very minimal and controllable, ofc I have to contently apply lip balm.

Almost no face dryness, my face feels very moisturized as I am applying a lot of face cream and palmers cocoa formula butter on the dry patches (which I don't have anymore), my foundation is apply beautifully ... no flakes no dry looking foundation..

my neck had some kind of an eczema which is all gone now and the skin on my neck is back to normal, yet I am still apply my palmers creamy daily on it avoid getting the eczema again ..

I had eczema on my hand but derm gave me an ointment for it, its almost gone..

I had random bruises on my hand, my derm also gave me an ointment for that and its almost gone too..

My eyes are doing much better now, the dryness are way less than before

No bloody nose anymore thanks to the olive oil

my scalp is great, I am using argon oil 100% natural soap bar which I got from morocco

No back pain or muscle ache, although sometimes I feel extra tired but its manageable

I am working out twice a week (high intensity workouts), it seems like roaccutane didn't really affect my exercising routine thankfully  ..

Also now I am using a cream for the scars prescribed by my derm hopefully my scars ill be gone soon





Done with week three !

So I am done with week 3 and going in week 4 already ! time is passing by so fast which is a good thing while on roaccutane .

So sadly I am in the bad phase now, the past week I had break outs and it seems like acne are taking longer to heal (or at least to puff down).

The past week my nose was very bumpy and rough, it seems like the blackheads on my nose are coming out which made the texture of my nose very rough and weird. Even though I know I am not suppose to do any scrubbing while on roaccutane but I couldn't resist scrubbing those blackheads and thank god I did coz my nose felt so much better after ! also it seems most of those black heads are gone..

I constantly have bloody nose and the blood starts dripping if I spent a lot of time in a hot place, I apply olive oil with an ear bud which helps with the dry nose.

 I've been experiencing drier skin than before, it sometimes burn when I apply my soap-free alcohol-free perfume-free moisturizer and my garnier bb cream.

My lips are manageably dry, no flakes or anything thanks to my Bioderma lip balm <3

My scalp is so much better than before, I am currently using head and shoulders even though I don't like it, it kind of burns when I put it on my scalp even though it initially helped with the dryness. I've also been putting olive oil and/or coconut oil on my scalp once a week to ease the dryness .Sadly,  I am noticing more hair fall outs but I am using a hair mask and night spray for that from The Cosmetic Republic .

My eyes are still extremely dry and red even though I use artificial tear drops like 4 times a day, so I hope the eye problem gets solved soon !

I went to the gym last Saturday and the one before, I didn't notice any extra muscle or joint aches even though my workout is somewhat intense BUT last Thursday I felt extremely tired as if I am  getting sick but things got better when I got a long night sleep.

I don't know if its a side effect but I am getting sleepy more often. adding to that I sometimes feel random slight pain in my joints but its very minimal that its not worth mentioning.

My back do hurts a lot but I've had back pain before roaccutane so I am not sure whether its from the med or from something else, but it seems like roaccutane did intensify the pain  yet it is still bearable.

I have dry itchy patches on my hand so I am using a lot of cream and Vaseline to solve that problem.

Please feel free to share ur tips and tricks .




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2nd week of roaccutane

So this is my 2nd week ( a little more actually), even though the side effects are kicking in I am still very excited!
I got 3 new pimples yesterday even though things were getting so much better the week before, no white heads just (kind of) small red bumps.

It seems like no matter how much I moisturize (i literally moisturize at least 5 times a day) my skin is still dry, yet its bearably dry and thankfully its not pealing or anything. I am currently using 2 creams, mainly I am using the cream that was recommended by my derm which is called ss4 cream and when I am feeling extra dry I use bioderma atoderm. Sadly when i apply foundation my skin looks way drier than it is, I am currently using Revlon color stay which apparently doesn't work for dry skin so when it finish I will try something else most probably I will switch to bb creams.
My lips on the other hand are very dry ! I am starting to believe no one can escape the lips dryness. I've been applying lip balm (I am using bioderma) and Vaseline almost every hours yet if I forgot to apply lip balm for an hour my lips crack and peal especially on the sides !

My scalp also is extremely dry, its very red and itchy and I am having a lottt of dead skin falling off it also feels like it kind of burns and its hot. I will ask my dermatologist about this issue in the next appointment since I find the it a bit unbearable, but I am assuming its very dry so I am considering apply an oil mask on my hair and switching my shampoo to something that is for dry scalp .Please I highly appreciate any recommendations for a good shampoo for dry scalp, I am considering trying out Dove since its very creamy..

Other than that I've been having a bloody nose, I constantly have dry as well as not dry blood in my nose. i solved this problem by applying olive oil into my nose using an ear swab. I am also having headaches but I feel like the headaches are related to my scalp problem so hopefully the problem will be solved soon.

lastly, on Saturday I went to the gym and I had a body pump class (weights class) . The class is considered intensive but I carried light weights since my derm advised me to stop playing sports. Everything went well and I didn't feel extra tired so I am glad I can keep going to the gym normally .

That's it for now, I hope the side effect don't get any worse than this :D.. I hope!

feel free to share any tips guys <3





First days of roaccutane

So I am on my third day of roaccutane, I am extremely excited to have an acne free life !!

To begin with I will tell you guys my skin history. As a child/teenager I didn't have a lot of acne I just had few pimples here and there, I had some black heads on my nose and that's it. My skin as a teenager was pretty dry so I started applying oil on my face like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil.. until my skin type changed as I grew up to combination to oily skin yet I kept on using oils every day thinking it is helping with my acne. My skin got cleared by it self at around 17-18 until around 20 I started having acne with white heads which freaked me out cause I literally never had pimples with white heads!

I went to a dermatologist and he gave me tropical creams which worked a little at first but then obviously my skin got used to them and it stopped working. After that I decided to try home remedies since my acne wasn't that bad, I changed my makeup routine, I changed my diet, I stopped consuming sugar, I stopped eating some diary products, I tried using tea tree oil and a lot of other home remedies and masks but nothing worked. I kept on trying for 4 years but nothing worked and my acne got a bit worse as well as I started to get some discoloration.. so I went to another dermatologist and she gave me 3 courses of  doxycycline with some tropical creams including salicylic acid but unfortunately I was one of the 2% (according to my dermatologist) whom doxycycline made acne even worse than ever before. Finally my derm. prescribed roaccutane for me, I was thrilled honestly cause I heard a lot about its magic !

I am only 3 days in;  I don't know if its all in my mind but I think my skin already looks better. My derm said I might not get the initial stage of roaccutane (which is the storm before the rainbow) since doxycycline already broke me out like crazy. My face is less oily and I don't have any new acne .

Side effects:
Very few so far, my lips are a little dry, but i use A LOT lip balm. I am currently using bioderma atoderm baume levres lip balm and my derm gave some kind a medical cream for the lips which is called pantol .
My eyes are a little dry I am using gel artificial tears to help with that.
The last side effect (even though its not mentioned as a side effect), I'v been having trouble with sleeping :(.The first day I couldn't sleep at all !! the second day I tried to not think about it but it didn't work I slept a little but I kept on waking up every half an hour or so. Hopefully my sleeping pattern will go back to normal soon!

That's it for now, please share your experiences and stories 




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