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Dianette 3rd month

So I'm nearing the end of my fourth pack now, I have skipped every single pill break because I don't want to get spots during the break. I did research and apparantley it's safe to do so and there is no medical reason for having the 7 day pill break (but don't know this for sure so I would check with your doctor before doing so).

Just wanted to give you an update on my skin, so my skin has stayed pretty clear however I have had a few spots. I believe it may have been to do with me going out a lot recently so haven't been as religious with my skincare routine but yeah it was nothing serious just a few pimples. I really do think the treclin gel has helped my skin though so really recommend it if you can cope with the initial breakout from it in the first few months. That's the only problem but what I also like about it is that it prevents wrinkles and even though I'm only 20 it's just quite satisfying that it should prevent aging compared to benzoyl peroxide which I personally think does the opposite. 

My skin has become a lot less oily recently like I would say when I wake up it's a bit oily but nothing compared to what it used to be and I would now say at my skin is a bit dry. At the end of the day you foundation (estee Lauder double wear)  just looks super dry and cracking underneath so I'm going to have to change this to a less drying foundation! But for anyone that's oily skin who needs a foundation with staying power and that doesn't melt away during the day then I would highly recommend Estée Lauder double wear! 






2 and a half months

So I'm now nearing the end of the third month and my skin has cleared up a lot. I only have a few spots on my cheeks which are small however my face is extremely oily still and therefore I'm not sure if my problem is the anti Adrogen thing cos before using this pill my skin is as clear using rigedivon however I think my problem was a bad reaction to stopping tretinoin and. That said, for a few weeks I haven't had any spots on my chin which I would used to get occasionally so 10000% it's doing a good job, I'm on tretinoin again now though so that could have something to with it. 






Week 5

Skin is still breaking out particularly on my cheeks!! Keep getting this small little pimples on my cheek which take forever for to go! Seeing some signs of progress however with parts of my skin clearing up although I'm not holding my breath at how long iTll last! I hope it does but I'm still only 5 weeks in so certainly am expecting mor purging after reading other people's experiences. I have noticed this morning that there seems to be a decrease in the amount of oil on my face! Still a bit oily don't get me wrong but this morning i touched my nose which is normally super oily and I would say oil production decreased about 50/60% last night, we will see. I have been drinking 3 litres of water a day for the past week and a half snd I really do think it may have helped, even if it hasn't it makes me feel a bit healthier!!! As well as this dianette really seems to have caused my boobs to grow And always seems to be painful but that's not the worst side effect to have really!! I do feel like I am more hungry after taking this pill that's the only thing! But yeah anyway not doing too bad atm however I am still getting spots and breaking out.





DAY 25

Day 25

So I have been taking dianette for 3 and a half weeks now, and am now on the second strip. I have missed my 7 day pill break as I mentioned before. I really dont have much to report, so my skins is still getting spots obviously and what Im finding is that the spots I have really take ages to get rid of!! So i am trying to find a good treatment to dry out the spots quickly. My chin has one cyst which is coming to a head (I used the body shop tea tree gel stick which I can honestly say is a life saver for me atm!!). Last week I had these tiny black head things on one side of chin under my lip which became really inflamed and ended up with about 6 inflamed pimples. I think this may have something to do with the treclin gel I have been using but it may also be in conjunction with the dianette. What I am finding right now is that it seems to be my cheeks that are breaking out the most! This is weird because these started off okay and seemed to remain quite clear in the first couple of weeks of using dianette. I now am finding myself getting clusters of small spots on my cheeks that take ages to disappear and make me feel really unconfident! Same with my temples, one side has cleared a lot and the other side has cleared but have a small cyst one of them. My forehead hasn't actually had any new spots for about a week (touch wood) however I have still got 3 spots which wont clear and one of them became really irritated the other day so a bit painful. I am obviously expecting to keep getting spots for the moment which is kind of disheartening because I just want to see improvements already and be able to go out with out feeling embarrassed of my skin! The oil production hasn't really decreased yet from what I have noticed at this point i don't know maybe it has a little bit on my forehead its just that when i wake up in the morning my nose still feels super greasy!! I have been noticing my boobs being very painful whilst using dianette and I think they may have grown a little bit! So yeah like right now i haven't had any huge uncontrollable breakouts and my spots are slowly clearing but yeah like i said i am still getting spots at the moment (like expected at this stage). 

Hope this is helping anyone going through anything similar and if you can recommend any good creams to apply to individual spots then please let me know!! I have just ordered kiehls blue spot treatment and then origin super spot treatment so will let you know how this works for me! I have tried mario badescu drying lotion and i think it words to an extent but doesn't really clear them fully for me (but i have heard it works amazingly for some people!!)





Day 19

So I have 2 pills left of my first pack and I'm going to skip the 7 day break on advice from my doctor. 

My skin is obviously still in the initial break out stage, like I feel quite crappy about it. I have about 14/15 spots at the moment, the problem I'm having right now is that my spots stay for ages and I feel as though that's what is making me feel worse about it as a lot do the spots I have have been there for about a week maybe more! 
Iv heard that month 3 is when people often start to see improvements so I guess I'm just looking forward to getting  that point ans I feel happier at the fact I have almost finished my first strip. 

I dunno nothing really different to report just that I'm still breaking out and  don't think oiliness has decreased much, maybe slightly but not enough for me to say definitively. 

Will keep updated.






Week 2

umm my skin is not great. 
The breakout that I previously had has pretty much cleared up but I now have new spots, a few white head type spots on forehead and a few small spots on cheeks and then my chin is the only thing really bothering me at the moment to be honest! It started to clear up the other day (the huge cysts that I had on my chin) and as they were healing I kept touching them and I think it aggravated them and they became re swollen and infected, plus one completely new cyst on my chin which seemed to have formed from a previous one because it was literally touching it and then I kept touching it so it got huge and reinfected the one next to it and yeah so basically I just need to try and stop touching them and my skin because it's making it worse I think. 
My skin is deffinitley a lot worse since I first started it as the amount of spots I have had I didn't used to get before. 
I was thinking of just changing back to rigevidon but I know that it can take months to work and I may as well carry on. It's just annoying because it seems to be irritating spots that would never have come to anything before so quite disheartening.





Day 6


My skin isn't looking great today, not that I really have any new spots it's just that all my existing ones are so irritated. My skin had very tiny pinhead size dots on my chin which you couldn't really see at all and some on my cheeks however these seem to all be irritated therefore it looks so bad! I hope that when they clear up I won't get anymore of those tiny spots though so I'm just waiting for this breakout to clear up. I should add though that this could be because of the treclin gel! 





Day 4


Not had much change since yesterday other than 4 spots on my chin that should have been gone by now are still there. 2 of them are much less inflamed than yesterday however the other 2 are really irritated and so painful like it actually hurts constantly. 

I found that the Vicks vapor rub helps to stop the pain and reduce the size but only to a certain degree and then I also find that I think it causes the skin around it to break out so I'm stopping using that now. 

Instead I have used Mario badescu drying lotion on them but like I said 2 of the spots are incredibly painful so not sure it's so helpful for under the skin spots. 

The spot I got on my forehead is still there but put the mario badescu drying but lotion on it and has got smaller over night. I have a new one near ish my hair line but have put the lotion on it and is quite small now. 

Ill feel a lot better about it when my last breakout goes completely because that one was the worst iv ever had that I can recall and is making it look much worse. 

Btw I have stopped using the pro active toner as I think that may have been a bit irritating either that or it just wasn't doing anything. 






Day 3

DAY 3 

My skin has been kind of the same as yesterday and just feel like everything is a bit more inflamed than it was before. Actually I have a new spot on my forehead which was a tiny little dot size one and i rubbed it loads yesterday and kept touching it and now it's big so I deffo think is making my existing spots more irritated. My doctor said that this would probably happen so I guess I'm not too worried about it.

Not been having any more side effects which is good! 





DAY 2 (continued)

I also just wanted to add that on my face I currently have 3 small spots on my left cheek, 3 small but a little inflamed spots on my right cheek, 3 under the skin ones on my chin which you can't really see but i also have some tiny little raised bumps on my chin which aren't inflamed at all but obviously don't look that nice in certain lights and then my forehead i have 5 spots however one of those is huge like an under the skin spot that i have had a week! I applied vicks vapour to it yesterday and have seen a slight improvement. 

The face wash i am using is clean and clear blackhead wash which is good for getting make up off but I'm not too sure how good it is really and not sure which face wash to try next! I did use proactive exfoliating wash which was ok however it was quite pricey and not sure if it was worth the price! I also use proactiv retexturising toner but only use this to make sure all traces of my make up are off and again not sure if it really does anything positive to my skin! 

I should also add that about 3 months a go I started to use treclin gel and after 3 months i stopped using it because hadn't seen any change in my skin (no positive and no negative, i always had 2 or 3 spots at a time) and so i started benzoyl peroxide (for about a week and a half) which completely messed my skin up! My skin broke out the worst I can remember ever having and literally gave me several under the skin cyst spots on my forehead when for about 5 years my forehead had been totally clear! it then started to give me spots on my cheeks and chin as well so i stopped using it and moved back to the treclin in order to clear my breakout (this is the current spots i have now!). They are very slowly starting to clear but I would definitely say to anyone wanting to try a retina a based gel to give it a go because my skin hasn't really had any new bad breakouts since switching back to it. 






Day 2

I woke up today with one new spot on my cheek like a small under the skin one which I never really get on my cheeks. 

Other than that no new spots I don't think. However some existing ones which were tiny and should have been gone by now are much more inflamed! 

My face is still really oily, iv heard it will take a few weeks before face produces less oil. For the under the skin spots I have got in the last few days I have been applying Vicks vaporub and it's really helping them go down so I would really recommend trying that! 
As well as this I think I have a had a few side effects as I have been feeling sick at times over the past few days and I never seem to feel sick so that might be due to the dianette. However it's nothing really bad or anything I'm really worried about. 
I have also been much more thirsty? Not sure if that's a side effect or not! 

Will post another update tomorrow! 






Took it yesterday afternoon and have had one under the skin spot on my chin since taking it however not sure if this was related to dianette as it seems to early to make any difference yet. I have read that most people get an initial breakout in the first 3 months which I'm not looking forward to but hopefully it isn't too bad. 

I will post again tomorrow and try to pretty much every day onwards to share how my experience with how dianette is going and maybe help others who are also trying dianette! 




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