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Day 1 of Acticlate

Hello Everyone, 
I would like to take the time to post here and document my journey for me and others to read. 
I am 27 years old, and I never had any trouble on my skin up until 1 1/2 ago.  It has been 1 year on different topical medications with no success. 
It seems to me that my acne might have started due to stress or hormones or New Mirena IUD change (6 year total time on it) or protein supplements.  I am not sure what caused it or keeps causing it. Some background, I am Hispanic and my family has no background on acne, I am also super active - I workout 5 - 6 times per week so almost everyday, I do yoga twice a week, I meal prep my lunches (most of my meals consist of Salmon and brown rice or chicken and brown rice or beans or something healthy never fried or over the top) -  I have a very balanced diet I would say. I will stop my pre-workout and protein to see if this helps. 
I started going to my Derm about 1 year ago:
First visit  - She gave me topical aczone  - No success 
2nd visit - She gave me topical aczone again but up the % - No success
3rd visit - Today - I went in sad frustrated, and I was a lil nervous about what is she going to give me now?

Day 1 - ACTICLATE 150 MG antibiotic doxycycline  and Onexton topical to the acne
Maybe this is it! I am trying to stay hopeful and have some faith that my adult/hormonal acne will go away.  She said 6 months on it. 
If I can get off of earlier trust me - I will and I will let you know the results. 

I just wanted to let you know - Life is precious and we need to stay positive love yourself and don't give up!