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Week 5.5

Week 5.5 update

Skin: still oily and tons of clogged pores and some active zits as usual. Really still no noticeable change in my face. It feels so gross. All of my pores are huge and clogged. Skin texture is bad as well. The usual.

Side effects: headaches have mostly gone away but I've had some decent back pain since upping to 80 mg dose. My whole thoracic spine and muscles around it are SO tight and stiff. It has been rough to workout and I had to lower my squatting weight because my back was on fire. No major skin dryness yet. The back of my neck near my hairline is really itchy but not dry. Skin on my ears Is a little dry. Lips will crack if I go without vaseline or the bite beauty lip mask for even 10 mins. As long as I am diligent with those they stay fine with no peeling or cracking. But I can see how easily it can start and get out of control. If I go too long they get extremely tight and start to split in the middle. I had to use regular ChapStick for an hour and my lips started to split in the middle. Be diligent with Vaseline and the lip mask though and they are totally manageable for now! Hair does feel dry. And I still can't help myself from trying to pick at zits or Pores so always have at least one very red scab on my face. Don't pick at anything. Seriously. It will end up looking much worse than it did originally.

Counting down to month 3 which is when my derm said a lot of people notice improvement. I can't wait to feel some change in my skin. It just feels so gross and embarrassed all the time about my skin. really can't wait to have more confidence and not always be thinking and worrying about my skin! Come on accutane please work!!!





Week 4 - 1 month in accutane

1 month update

Just got my second month supply. The copay changed for Absorica and I'm able to get it now so my doctor switched me from myorisan to absorica. I have been taking the myorisan with 20 g fat morning and night. I will be interested to see if side effects increase with absorica because it will possibly be better absorbed.

No major side effects still but my lip split painfully a few days ago. I was at the gym and got lazy and didn't put on bite beauty agave lip mask every 30 mins like I usually do. Well by the time I left a few hours later my lower lip would pull apart when I moved and it hurt a decent amount. I guess this goes to show that I think I would be having much more lip dryiness and cracking if I wasn't being as diligent with putting on lip balm. Good news is I slathered it on all night and by the next day it was ok. No skin dryness yet, body is normal and face still oily 

Up to 80 mg daily now, my goal dosage, for the past week. I'm imagining I will get more side effects after being on this dosage for a few more weeks and with the switch to absorica. I do think every time I have increased dosage my skin actually gets more oily on my face for a few days.

Still using same products as in my last post.

Will post as I experience changes.





Accutane Day 18

Day 18 Update

Had a horrible migraine for 5 days. Not sure if it was from the accutane. I used to get migraines but take meds that have kept me from having one for months, so could be the accutane or maybe not.

Just yesterday the left side corner of my mouth got dry, cracked and feels like it is ripping when i open my mouth. Its not terrible, not bleeding, but still uncomfortable. The rest of my lips feel tight and have started to feel really swollen. No peeling or cracking on the rest of them yet. Still using bite beauty lip mask and Vaseline like crazy. Skin on my ears is a bit dry.

My face is still really oily. I don't necessarily want the dry, peeling skin that comes with accutane, but will be glad when the oiliness decreases. I still wash my face when I get home from work at 4 because its that oily. I can't wait to get home and wash it.

I still can't resist the temptation to try to pop blackheads and so have 2-3 red scabs. I repeat, don't pick at anything if you can while on accutane. It will scab over angry red and take about 2 weeks to go away!

I just went up from 40 mg to 60 mg on day 15 so I imagine the next few weeks I'll notice more side effects. No real change in skin, pores, or acne yet.

products using:
Bite beauty agave lip mask (lips)
Vaseline (lips, ears)
Trader joes unscented body lotion
Argan oil ( hair and add 1 drop to face moisturizer)
Mychelle clear skin lotion (face)
Fish oil (take orally)
Biotin (take orally)
Probiotic (take orally)





Week 2 on Accutane

Day 13, almost end of week 2

Still havent noticed much. Skin is not any better but I don't think I've had an initial breakout yet either (knock on wood). Lips definitely feel very dry but aren't cracking or peeling. I put bite beauty lip mask or Vaseline on like literally every 15-30 mins though. A guy at the gym asked me how many times I was going to put on ChapStick, lol. No use trying to explain to him! No dryness yet on body but I put lotion on twice daily at least. I did lightly pick at one blemish and got another large scab from it like the first. A small spot turned into a huge dime-sized scab. Dont pick at anything. Seriously. Even a clogged pore will look so much worse if you try to squeeze it out while on accutane.

Currently still on 40 mg. Considering upping to 60 mg by alternating 40 mg one day and 80 mg the next day. Scared of side effect though so not sure if I should stay with 40 mg for a month first.

Still cleansing with cetaphil. Moisturizing face with drop of argan oil, dime size amount of natural aloe vera, and mychelle clear skin moisturizer.

I have a feeling I will start seeing side effects now that I've been I for 2 weeks. Will keep posting.





Don't pick at anything! Lesson learned

So it's only a few hours later, still day 6 and here we go. Had a spot I thought I could pop and ended up with a giant red scab. Believe it when people say do not pick at anything while in accutane! See pic.

i also feel like I'm breaking out more now. My face is extremely oily and all my pores feel huge and clogged. My my face is dry as well. Any moisturizer just makes my face feel oily and clogged though. I'm at a loss. Ugh. I just want to be at like month 4 where my face might be dry buy at least not oily and starting to clear up. I know this is how its going to be, lots of ups and downs. Definitely feeling down right now and scared to see what my face is going to look like in the morning.




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Week 1 - nothing so far

End of day 6 on myorisan.

Derm wanted me to start with full dosage of 80mg. After reading blogs and research articles, I got too worried about the initial breakout, which most sources say can be diminished by starting at lower dose. So I decided to just do 40mg per day and will decide as I go if I want to increase to 80 mg at 2 or 4 weeks. I weigh 67kg by the way, so 40mg would be about .5mg/kg which is the recommended starting dose.

Side effects:
No side effects so far as I can tell. Face is a bit peely but that's normal. Also still very very oily. Lips feel kinda tight sometimes but my lip products are keeping things ok. Ribs hurt on second day but ok now so I think it was just from my workout.

I tried to be proactive and moisturize early but because my face is still oily, the moisturizers for dry skin feel like too much. I tried the CeraVe cream in the tub for 2 weeks before I started accutane and it broke me out, by mid afternoon I could feel a lot of bumps under my skin. Also tried the FAB ultra repair cream and that was too heavy as well. So I am continuing to just use my usual moisturizer which I love, MyCHelle clear skin balancing lotion. Using the cerave tub cream on my body in am and pm (wasn't good for my face but ok on body). Argan oil in my hair after shower. Lips I'm using Vaseline, Dan's cortibalm, and the bite beauty agave lip mask. This is AMAZING! I almost skipped it BC its pricey but this stuff stays on forever compared to any other lip product. Also spot treating pimples with sulfur. It is really weird for me to get used to not putting anything topical on my acne! I have to fight myself at night to not put on my tazorac cream.

Also taking 1tbsp high potency fish oil (6500 mg epa + dha) and biotin.

Nervous about when side effects will start, will I have initial breakout? I workout a lot so hoping to avoid joint and muscle pain side effects.

Will try to post every week with side effects, changes in my skin, what products I'm using. This blog is mostly for myself but others' blogs have been helpful for me so hope this helps someone as well!

Can't wait to have clear skin!!