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Crying now

I'm 27 about to turn 28. I started getting acne while pregnant with my oldest 6 yrs ago. It hasn't gone away and it's just getting worse. I have itchy pimples in my hairline, all over my forehead, my eyebrows, jawline, and I get cystic pimples on my chin quite often. I've tried everything from most drugstore brands, taking antibiotics, clinique, proactive, the oil cleansing method, just water, and well, maybe everything there is to try. I've seen a dermatologist and that did nothing. I guess I should mention I have sensitive skin as well. I can't use fragrances or I'll break out with eczema rashes. Every now and then I will try something with fragrance just praying it will clear up my acne but it never does. I'm at a loss. I'm giving up. I'm going to just go back to using Dove sensitive skin bar and pray that one day my acne will magically go away. I'm over trying new things, spending all kinds of money and time on new things for nothing. OVER IT 




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