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no more treatment after this treamtent

the doxycycline had already been bought so it would be a wast of money to not take them but once it is finish no more acne treatment once i started treating my major depressive disorder and my generalized anxiety disorder i started caring less about my acne i can't be bothered with treatment especially anything hard taking pills is easy

13 zits and still happy

i had woke up for an hour before i realized the zits if i had gone the whole day with looking into the mirror or touching my face i wouldn't have noticed acne is just acne zits are just zits i am a beautiful woman acne you make be strong physically but i am stronger mentally

positive sign

my pimples are reducing despite me being on my period  this effect is likely partially because of the light therapy and i know that the effects of light therapy may not last  

i am so sorry everyone please forgive me

it is okay to admit when you are not okay  i am not okay  i am going to get help i am extremely extremely extremely sorry for my post about suicide i am also extremely sorry for my posts and blog entries preceding the post about suicide i am seriously PMSing and i am had such a bad day i expect with all the stress and stress eating from today that my acne will get worse i hate acne  just fricking go away acne i hate you  

this close to disabling my profile here

when I talk to people either they are nice and I talk to them for awhile and end up never hearing from them again or they just ignore me  some people have even blocked me for just saying hi does everyone else have a life but me ?  it's just sad even here I am the freak nobody wants to talk to seems there is something besides my acne that people find repulsive  seems like I am not a human being  seems like i am trash on the street for everyone to ignore i just wanted one friend from here

26th Of February 2017

trying to stay positive  need help and support  I met a friend (not talking about anyone from this forum) who seems to be understanding but does she really ? does she understand why I keep disagreeing with her when she tells me I am beautiful ?  she asks why do I not feel beautiful  in my head I am thinking have you not seen my skin her perfect skin annoys me I feel like she is too pretty to be my friend just trying hard to stay fricking positive   

The 24th Of February 2017

My face, upper neck, upper chest, shoulders, arms and back are saturated with zits. There are 9 zits between my thighs: 5 zits on my left thigh and 4 zits on my right thigh.  2 zits on my left armpits and 1 zit on my right armpit.  There are 2 zits on my vagina.  But right now I am okay. I had a talk with a follow member who have helped me put things in perspective. Acne is not the worst thing that can happen to someone. Though I have a ton of acne it is just acne. My health is excellent. M
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