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Using an At-Home Mandelic Acid Peel

Sound terrifying, right? Just something about the words "acid/chemical peel" and "face" together just makes me envision a burn victim or something.  It actually went fine.  Surprisingly fine (well, I guess not surprisingly, since I read a lot of reviews about doing mandelic acid peels at home, and made sure I knew what I was doing.) So WHY a mandelic acid peel? Well, a few weeks ago, as I was staring at my oodles and oodles of closed comedones on the side of my mouth, I remember thinking back t

End of Week Two

Aloha and… hello.  So what is it, roughly week two? My skin is definitely improving.  The majority of it is clear(ish) apart from the bumpity bump bumps around my chin.  I don’t know if the clearing is due to anything new I have been doing, or if my skin is just having it’s one week of looking alright (it does this every month or two, it just clears up, I have no idea how, I’ve done nothing differently, and then it gets cloggy again.) As for the aforementioned bumpity bump bumps around my c

Activated Charcoal Take Two

Oh.  My.  God.  Just when I thought that it couldn’t get anymore interesting after the last face mask… IT DID.  It’s mostly my fault.  I have all these idea’s that I think will be so easy and successful, and I overlook small details and it just ends in DISASTER, because I am an illogical fuck (Spock would not approve.) So, MY ingenious idea was to use a blackhead clearing strip on my nose to sort of open up the tops of the blackheads, then use a charcoal mask mixed my a pink clay one I’ve b

That Time I Put Activated Charcoal All Over My Face

It was two days ago.  Somehow, somewhere, while lost in the dark recesses of google, I stumbled upon activated charcoal and it's acne-fighting benefits.  I don't even remember googling stuff about acne, so I have no idea how I ended up on this tangent, but I am sure glad I did.  As I spoke about before, the main cause of my acne is getting clogged pores, which turn into small whiteheads, which then turn into zits.  I need to start doing SOMETHING for my face that clears out my pores and sucks th




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End of Week One (ish???)

There is definite improvement in my skin, but there is also definite purging.  To put it in my mother’s eloquent phrasing, “Boy, you look zitty.”  I feel as if my skin would look a lot better right now if I didn’t have so many leftover red marks (story of my life.) The whiteheads and blackheads on the right side of my face and staring to turn into tiny zits.  Which is good, that means they’re vacating, I just wish I could go live on a deserted island while it happened, ya know? Then no one

My Decrepit Skin

Good morning Starshine! The Earth says hello! You know what's fun? Adult acne... NOT.  I have no idea how many accounts I have made on this website and how many logs I have made battling my various acne chronicles (I have forgotten all of the passwords and email addresses from said accounts in the past.  I have a feeling that the email account [email protected] no longer exists.) Long story short, had acne sine a teenager.  Lots o' topicals (which did shit), antibiotics, three (yes t
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