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Over a month on Spironolactone & 66 days of Curology

Thank The Lord my skin has not broken out in a long time  now. I had no big pre period / hormonal breakouts! I've been on my curology prescription 66 days now along with Spearmint tea. I've also been on spironolactone for over a month now. I thought spironolactone might be messing with my sleep so I've only been taking it in the am just in case. My doctor doesn't think it was the spiro but I'm paranoid I guess.  Anyways I've also been using the zinc bar soap by Nobles for a month or so now. It's been working really well, using it 1-2 times a day doesn't dry out my sensitive oily skin! Praise God the skin is clear!!!:) I just have some marks left for I still get small stuff like blackheads and whiteheads, but hey that's nothing! 

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Curology and Spironolactone

I have now been on Curology for over a month. It doesn't seem to irritate my skin. My face is actually worse right now because I'm going to be starting my TOM next week. I'm going to try the Curology awhile longer I think. My Curology dermatologist told me to incorporate zinc soap by Nobles into my regimen. I started that yesterday because it has 2% zinc pyrithione in it which kills fungus and bacteria. I always get HUGE zits a week or two before my TOM(time of the month) so today I had my primary care doc put me on Spironolactone. She said I shouldn't do Spironolactone she birth control. She wanted me to do one then maybe add another. She put me on 50mg 2x day, but she didn't give me any refills? I guess I'll have to call her to get a refill when needed? Has anyone else tried Spironolactone out there?




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Day 1 Curology

So no matter how much I want things to clear my skin, that I used to be able to use on my skin, they don't work. I prayed and just sucked up my fear of dermatologists. I got an online dermatologist on curology because it's a lot less hassle! I didn't want to have to call my doc to get a referral for dermatology, call the dermatologist, go see the derm, and then go get a prescription. I have insurance but it still costs money and driving. I also don't like taking on the phone for some reason. 

Anyways, I got my Curology today! As you can see in  picture my prescription is: 
zinc pyrithione 0.25%
clindamycin 1%
niacinamide 4%

Its free for the first month just pay $5 shipping! [link removed]

Im also using free and clear liquid cleanser, derma e purifying moisturizer, insta naturals Aloe Vera, and Coola classic sunscreen white tea spf 50. I hardly ever wear a sunscreen but I really need to start! I got  sample of Coola sunscreen I'm going to try because it checks out clean on the CosDNA website!

fish oil 2-4 a day.
zinc 1-2 a day
probiotics 1-2x
*new Spearmint 2x. I just started taking it yesterday because it is supposed to help reduce androgen hormones/ oiliness. 




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Update on regimen, allergies

My skin has been really itchy and I've been getting hives on my back. My face is itchy but no hives there thank the Lord! The hives on my back are there mostly at night, I wake up with an itchy back lately. I know I'm allergic to a lot of things but I don't know everything that I am allergic too. I'm not sure what's causing the hives so I prayed and started eliminating scented stuff. I'm taking a few different allergies pills and using topical anti-itch products. Hopefully my doctor gets my referral in so I can go back to the allergist. 
I've now been using Vanicream cleanser all over including on my hair!  Just trying to be safe;)
I also did a lot of cleaning in my room too because I'm allergic to cats and dogs. I have a cat and a dog though because their my babies!:)
I have eliminated the detox tea because that is about the only new thing I've been consuming. Maybe I'm allergic to danelion or burdock root?
I started using the Meijer brand proactiv kit once or twice a day in problem areas. I've not been using it on my cheeks cuz they've been itchy.
Then I added in a better moisturizer that I used to use when I didn't have much acne. It's the Trader Joes Enrich Moisturizer. It has Spf in it, which I haven't had in awhile.





What I've used in the past, and now.

tretinoin cream- a year or so ago and my skin is still sensitive from it. Before I had mainly clogged pores with occasional big zits. Now I have both. All the old products I used to use don't seem to work more me anymore. Thank the Lord my skin has healed a lot. It's still not the same as it was but it will get there.

Clean and clear continuous cleanser 10% benzoyl peroxide- used to work for me before tretinoin cream. They also have changed the formulation since then I think. It now has Laureth 4 in it?

off brand proactiv (equate) used to work before tretinoin cream, but I haven't tried it again cuz I think my skin is too sensitive.

neutralyze system
Meijer brand neutrogena oil free acne wash
perfect image salicylic acid deep gel cleanser
inside out probiotics serum
fox brim lavender toner
baking soda
eve hansen vitamin c toner
proavtiv green tea moisturizer 
neutrogena oil free combo skin moisturizer 
Birth Control elenest or something 
olay sensitive skin moisturizer
cetaphil antibacterial bar soap
mud mask
proactiv refining mask
neutogena on the spot treatment
clean and clear 10% gel cream
St Ives scrub apricot
simple micellar water
acne free sensitive skin kit
clear it all kit
simple ultra light gel moisturizer 
neutrogena Benzoyl peroxide scrub, and their wash/mask
oil cleansing with different oils
tea tree oil
Even tried not washing my face
sulfur soap
trader joes aloe Vera gel
insta naturals Aloe Vera gel
dr song 10% benzoyl peroxide wash
st olives natural foaming acne wash
derma e detoxifying moisturizer 
neutrogena light therapy mask

CURRENT products I'm using:
-st olives natural foaming acne wash with BHA and AHA in am or pm.
-derma e detoxifying moisturizer in am and pm.
-neutrogena light therapy mask after I shower. 

-dr song 10% benzoyl peroxide wash when I shower. Added recent because of the crazy Huge hormonal zits! 

I can't tell if the light therapy is working because I just had my Time of the month:/ plus I used some physicians formula powdered makeup which I don't normally do... Before time of the month I had a bunch of zits on my chin, went away fairly quickly then now I have a bunch of big ones on my forehead and one big one on my chin.

fish oil(JUST bumped it up to 4 a day instead of 2.)
-cinnamon 2x
-turmeric 2x
-recently added lots of detox tea. 3 days ago.






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