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Week 3

Things have been going okay. Of course all I want is to wake up and have my normal skin again. It's the worst thing to get used your body and understand it only to have it totally blow up in your face (literally) and impose on your lifestyle. However, I have seen progress which is absolutely amazing. The only thing getting me through this is knowing that this is temporary. It still sucks and it took a huge chunk out of my life, but there is some progress. I have updated my routine. Morning:





Beginning the regimen take 2

So I thought I had already posted a blog explaining my acne story and why I finally decided to embark on the acne.org regiment, but for some reason it did not post. I will just shorten it then... Basically I have struggled with acne all throughout college. I would get it a little in high school but it was only on my forehead which I have discovered is directly linked to my sleeping habits. Throughout my entire life I have had sleeping troubles and that coupled with long school days and heavy wor




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