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Accutane Month 1 (Day 36)

Hey guys, so I just finished up my first box of the tane (2 days into my first box but I skipped 2 days of pills somewhere within the month) and it has been a rollercoaster. Thankfully the ride only had one major drop so its been pretty much smooth sailing otherwise. 

Week 1: Everything was pretty chill. The morning after popping my first pill almost all the active pimples I had came to a head. It looked a little off putting but I was super excited to see it already having some effects on my skin. The rest of the week pimples kept coming to a head and popping soon after. My lips and skin were otherwise normal. Skin was still mildly oily and my lips were fine.

Week 2: The week started off well enough my skin was continuing to purge but it really wasn't to bad. It was actually looking better each day. Then towards the end of the week all hell broke loose. My face was doing fine but my body was not taking the adjustment so nicely. The major issue was my lips started to break out in tons of little blisters. Yes blisters. And it was all over my lips. I started to freak the fuck out because it was super uncomfortable and I looked like I had a outbreak of herpes (which I did, not the sexually transmitted disease type but the common cold sore type). So I bought some abreva, and some carmex and bathed my lips in them until my lips returned to looking normal about a week later. I also encountered my first nosebleed, headache and body sores during this week. My lower back was and still is the most affected but after walking around D.C on a trip with my family everything was sore and I had a splitting headache. Needless to say I was irritated that whole week.

Week 3: Things began looking up. My lips where back to normal and my face continued to heal. Body dryness really began and my eczema was acting up. Nothing some moisturizing and my eczema cream couldn't fix. There was a solid 2 days where I had zero pimples so that was awesome. I started to notice all my under the skin whiteheads on my chin and nose started to come out. I'm a picker and over all weird gross person so I loved to see this suckers come out. Even just scratching my nose some of the hard sebum would get scrapped under my nail (sorry if that was too  graphic).

Week 4: Face started to look alot better. Skin is so much smoother and my white heads continued to pop out . I still was breaking out but I would have at most 4 active zits on my face (compared to 13 which was my everyday reality a few months ago) Lips started to dry up more. No peeling but they began to become leathery if I didn't have any lip balm on.

Week 5: Face continues to look better. Hands a little dry. And I feel like I spent the night in the desert when I wake up in the morning. I need to start using my humidifier again.

Week 6: Same as week 5 but I have noticed myself becoming more lazy. Like idk if this is me trying to us accutane as a cop out but I sometimes just don't have the willpower to do some stuff. I'm just really hoping my depression isn't trying to rear its nasty head back in my life. My skin is getting better but I want to have my body looking a certain way too and I've been slacking at going to the gym and eating (I'm trying to bulk up and I had been making good progress up until a month ago). And my cold sores came back this morning so that was a wonderful surprize. And I know TMI but I've had this YI for a few days now and its pissing me off. So that's my little rant for this week haha. Skin is looking better and better everyday but each week brings something new, good and bad. 







Accutane Day 3

A little side note/ update:  I have officially stopped taking birth control as of 2 weeks ago and I am waiting for my insurance company to approve my coverage of my copper IUD. So far all is well. A lot of the side effects I was experiencing are seeming to subside (this could honestly just be a placebo effect but I'm happy nonetheless). 

So today marks day 3 of being on accutane (I started 2/10/17). The day after I took my first dose I noticed almost all the pimples I had on my face had come to a head (aside from 2 very stubborn cysts but they feel like they should be surfacing within the next day or two). I've never been more happy to wake up and see white pustules on my face. It seems like all of the oil is being extruded from all my pores. After taking my showers I notice those sebum worms (yes gross but we've all been there) coming out of my pores on my more clogged areas (i.e my chin, chest and nose). Even the cyst that has been chilling in my ear since hector was a pup is starting to surface. I did not expect to see changes so soon. I'm quite honestly so excited haha. 

As for side effects so far my lips are no more chapped then they usually are this time of year. My scalp has been itching me a bit today so I sense its getting a little dry. I need to be more on top drinking my pills with a ton of water because I have gotten a head aches every time I have taken them. It also probably didn't help the that 2/3 times I took them I washed them down with a mix of water and beer. In my defense both times it was only one beer and I nursed them for the rest night. The headaches weren't too bad I could still function but I was just a bit on edge.

That's about it. I'll try and update at the end of the first month with before and after pictures to track my progress.  




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Changing to IUD before Accutane

So I've decided to try and switch from taking birth control pills to a copper iud. The two times I have been on birth control my skin has gotten a bit better while on it granted but I hate the way my body reacts to it otherwise. I get really extreme mood swings, night sweats, my sex drive is a lot lower and I have less body hair (this would be a great thing if my eyebrows and lashes weren't included). I don't feel comfortable with the idea of constantly putting hormones into my body over a long period of time considering it changes my body so much. I just don't feel like I'm myself when I am on the pill. The only thing stopping me from switching is my acne. I know that once I switch my face is going to blow up. I know I am going to switch at some point I am just not sure when. I'm starting accutane on the 9th and I'm not sure if I should switch while I'm on it or once I finish. My thinking is that if I switch while I am on it the accutane will deal with any break outs that are a result from the hormone imbalance and that by the time I get off accutane my hormones will have become stable again. I am afraid that if I wait until after I am done with the treatment that it will undo the effects of the accutane. I'm just hoping that my derm doesn't give me a hard time about switching BC during my treatment and my gyno is willing to fit me with a IUD considering I'm only 19.

Does anyone have any experience with switching BC while on accutane?





Experiencing Delays

So it took me some time to post this because I was upset for awhile. Turns out that there was a error in the Ipledge system and they had me down as starting accutane in February instead of January. So now I have to wait another month to start. I was really upset at first because I would be a whole month behind schedule but I've now come to peace with it. My skin is still breaking out but not as bad as before and my scars are not going anywhere anytime soon. And I have another month where I can drink till my hearts content and I can still go to the gym without having to worry about my joints hurting and slowing down my progress. So I'm just going to try to not worry about my face to much this month and just enjoy my time before I have to sell my soul to the tane. I'll be back February 9th when I will HOPEFULLY be picking up my first prescription. 





Accutane Day -2

Hey guys/gals, I'm Natalie and I am now 2 days away from picking up my first prescription of accutane. I have to say waiting this past month has been really difficult. I honestly wish I could just pinky promise that I won't come in contact with a penis while I am on accutane and keep it moving, but the FDA has to protect themselves from possible lawsuits and we must protect the potential tiny people, so its understandable. I've had acne since I was 14. It's peak was when I was 16, it was around then when I started getting cystic acne. I wont go on to list everything I've tried because I have tried IT ALL. About two months ago I had a really bad break out and my skin reverted back to my pubescent 16 yr old face. Needless to say I wasn't happy. Also being black and having a lighter complexion I scar easily and quite noticeably. And the marks take forever to go away. Not being able to deal with the flash backs of sophomore me in the mirror every time I looked into one I decided to try accutane. Before deciding I did countless hours of research as if I was going to meet accutane for the first time after hitting it off on tinder. I'd advise you do the same in both scenarios. 

The nitty gritty:

So as far as I know I will be on accutane for about 7 months and will be on 60 mg for the majority of the course. I'm a 19 year old female. I am about 6'0" (yes I'm quite tall) and weigh around 138 lbs. 

I've been on Solodyn (antibiotic) for a month prior with no results and have been taking Kelnor 1/35 (birth control) for 3 months prior. I'm switching to Yaz right before I go on accutane due to some side effects I've experienced on Kelnor that where rather unpleasant (really bad mood swings, really bad acne and eczema flare ups around my period and night sweats...like to the point I have to sleep on top a towel...during the winter).

My start date will be January 9th 2017 (as long as my blood test comes back a-okay)


I am a bit of product junkie so I went a little over board with my products. You, by no means, have to buy all the products I listed and I encourage you not to for the sake of your wallet. I purchased these items under a very careful process (basically me removing and re-adding items to my ever growing shopping cart on amazon after days of debate.) Eyes Thera Eyes Dry Eye Therapy (It's January and I wear contacts.) Face Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Silicone Cleansing Pad (For the time being I'll be ditching my clarisonic considering my skins going to be really sensitive. So instead ill be cleaning my face with these silicone pads (only at night). They are super gentle but if they get to harsh I'll be switching to hand washing.) Hyaluronic Acid Serum (Super moisturizing, absorbs quickly, use it under your moisturizer for extra hydration)  CeraVe Moisturizing Cream (A lot of have people recommend this cream. Its really hydrating.) Rosehip Oil (Non-comedogenic, and it does wonders for minimizing dark spots. I will be mixing it with the CeraVe.) Nose Saline Nasal Spray (I've had problems with nose bleeds in the past and its not fun. Plus its the winter time. I'm coming prepared.)  Humidifier (Again, not a fan of blood coming from my nasal passages.)  Lips Aquaphor (Every single page and person I've talked to stressed how essential this is. Being that my lips are on the larger side and can get quite dry, especially in the winter, I bought a tub and two to-go tubes.)  Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (I love this lip balm! It's the only thing that really keeps my lips moisturized. I've seen a few accutane blogs raving about it too so I figured I would layer it under the aquaphor.)  Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (This was me treating myself tbh and being really afraid of getting those morning joker slits. Yikes.)  Body  Raw Shea Butter (Only thing I find that REALLY moisturizes my skin and it helps with my eczema) I also mixed my shower gel (From Aveeno) with ground oats to also help with my eczema in the case of a flare up Another side note colder showers help to not irritate eczema if you are experiencing a flare up. Hot showers, while super nice, aggravate eczema.   So I will try and update this blog once a month with progress pictures. I will most likely make a small post the day I start to confirm the dosage and the time span. And if I happen to be having a particularly bad IB I will probably come on here to rant and let out my frustration .  I look forward to going on this journey and I can't wait for the day where I can wake up to clear skin. Skin that I can touch without having to fear that a pimple will erupt from the dirt that was on my hands. Not having to change my pillow case every couple of nights. Being able to touch my face without it hurting. It's amazing how much your life revolves around your skin when you have acne. I am really looking forward to the day where my skin isn't constantly on my mind.




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