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A Day Before: December 31.

How to set up your daily log: Date (MM-DD-YYYY) Days Since I last picked: _ _ _ _ _ _ _     All this area should be the body of the log. Some things I suggest including are, the urges you had in that day, how do you feel about your skin  _   at that moment, how do I want to feel about it in a week. How close are you to your next event, how you hope your face will look then. Asking your future self not to pick because of these reasons......  Face mapping, draw your face and the zits or places y

A Week Before: Monday December 26.

I call this the prep period, you need to design a plan in order to succeed, here is a list of things you need to do before January 1st.   Have a skin care routine and stick to it: Knowing you have a reliable routine will make you less aware of changes in your skin.   Throw away any magnifying mirrors / black head loops: Avoid these things like the plague, they are only aiding in you tearing up your skin. You can pluck your eyebrows in a regular mirror or ask someone else to do it for y

My Goal

I have had this problem for as long as I could remember. When I was in sixth grade my mother would give me one of those small magnifying mirrors and to use in order to pluck my eyebrows. I would sit for hours just picking and squeezing junk out of my pores. I am 17 now I and I want more than anything to stop this really really bad habit. I encourage anyone with the same problem to join me. Make 2017 the year you finally can be free from this! I will be doing daily logs and sharing tips that h
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