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December 16th 2016


So my skin calmed down a little but I haven't been good with not touching my face. I constantly want to scratch the dead skin off of my face but ugh I shouldn't be doing that. At least I've been drinking lots of water for the past three days and am more persitant with my sleeping schedule. Although I don't sleep more than 5 and a half hours a night.

My skin supplements haven't arrived yet, so I can't update you on that...

 I started to wash my face for only 10 seconds, like the acne.org regimen recommends. And just in general I have been very careful when washing, drying or moisturizing my face.

Sorry for the boring entry.

Until next time,





December 14th 2016

So this is my first entry, and I think I should start with who I am. Maybe this will help you relate and maybe stuff that helps me will help you!

So I'm a 21 year old girl with not too severe acne but enough acne to  lower my self-esteem.

My journey so far:
I had baby skin throughout puberty. Like. My skin was epic. Beautiful. Made from the gods. Okay, maybe not that good but you get the picture. And then it slowly said "F you UnspoiledDude, F you!" and changed into this mess of a skin.

At about 18 years old I started to break out pretty bad and I didn't know what to do. So i tried self-made green tea cleanser and bought a completely new regimen based on natural cosmetics. And my skin just... It flipped out. Very badly. It got really dry and flaky and i broke out so much. I tried it for over two months so my skin could adjust to the new products. But it didn't! Who would've guessed that! Not me!

So i tried a line called "Avène", it's from France. It should be this really good stuff made out of special magical water from France and they don't use any ingredients that could harm or irritate your skin. It helped a little but didn't actually do much for my skin.

Eventually i just paid my doctor a visit and asked for any help. I didn't care what he would give me, I just wanted to have it. He gave me antibiotics called Tetralysal 300 mg and I had to take one pill a day for three months. They cleared up my skin pretty good and he told me that we're finished with the session. I stopped taking the pills but i went to the cosmetician once a month. My skin was okay until...
  October. I flew to Australia, which is a 24-hour flight and my skin didn't like that at all. Nope. Not at all. So i broke out a little bit. I tried to help my skin by using wipes with peeling effect and salicylic acid (can't remember the name, so sorry). They kinda worked but I made a huuuge mistake. I started to pick at my skin again - I used to do that very often when my acne was very bad. It's just something that I almost can't control. I sit at work, and start to think about something and my hand just... picks at everything. So back to the main story: I started to pick again and of course, my skin went crazy. I mean - hellooo?! What kind of a human being am I? I picked at my skin with my hands - full of bacteria. Of course my skin will get worse. So now my acne is almost as bad as it was in the beginning. Really tho? Really?
I saw a dermatologist yesterday and HE PUT ME ON THE SAME TABLETS. What the. Okay, I could've said something, like "Why are you putting me on the same tablets? They didn't work that well last time, did they?". But I am too shy to say something. Life is eternal pain. Jokes aside guys.

So what now? I don't want to take those tablets again. My stomach is really weak and antibiotics aren't helpful. So i ordered "Burgerstein Skin", it's supposed to help my skin renew itself and protect it from gross stuff from the air. Sounds nice, will try for two months, we will see.

Maybe I'll take the antibiotics, maybe I won't. I'll try the Burgerstein Skin first, combined with:
  Drinking a lot of water Getting enough sleep Taking my hair out of my face when I go to sleep Not touching my face Eating as healthy as I can
So let's start this journey again. At least I am hyped that I can write blog entries.

Bye guys,