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Here is what helps me

so here is what helps me

Face wash:
Cleanser:  with benzoyl peroxide in it...that kills bacteria. Mine has exfoliating beads in it but it may be too harsh on your skin. If you want something natural...witch hazel is really good because it also kills some acne bacteria.

Toner: with syalic acid in it...clears away dead skin from pores.   Musitisor: I use 2: I use 100% pure aloe vera from fruit of the earth (it helps fadeaway the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or the dark spots created by left over pimples. Its an antioxidant and for me it seems to help oil control. Also pretty shazzy hair gel.)   I also Use simple sensitive skin experts . Nourishing 24hr day and night cream. ( I have tried a lot and this is the only one that really added moisture without making me greasy.   You don't have to use these but the big thing is make sure whatever you use it days Non-comedogenic on the label. Stay away from cerave cream!!!
  Azelaic acid: Really good at taking away dark spots without changing your entire skin color like like other lightening agents but you do need a prescription and it’s super super drying.
  Turmeric powder mask! I love it. Takes away dark spots really really well if you keep up  with it. I have a whole bottle I will give you some to try   Makeup: micro clear from Neutrogena. It's has Sylic acid in it which helps with redness and inflammation.

Sit under Blue led Light for 15 min

Green Tea makes my face oily try mint instead    Habits   Don’t use your fingers to put on foundation.   Always use an applicator not the back of your hand when taking foundation of ot the bottle, so the germs on your skin don't come in contact with the makeup. I use a regular metal spoon that I wash with antibacterial soap after I’m done.   When you are putting on your mustoiser don’t touch anything that may have germs beforehand. Like laptops or your phone.      Sleep with your hair up.   Clean pillowcase every three or four days   Use dandruff shampoo- It has antibacterial properties.
Food: Cut out dairy as much as humanly possible. 90% of your problems will go away.   Cut out sugars as much as possible   Cut out caffeine as much as possible   It’s good to drink water but it really has no major effect on acne...skin texture on the other hand it is great.   Sleep Bitch.
I did all this and most of my problems went away...unfortunately though it is 90% a hormonal problem. It took me three different birth control pills to finally get one I liked. If your mom let’s you I suggest, Ortho Tri-Cyclen (I’m on that right now. It’s day 3 and its been so good so far...this pill does change through the month ie. “Tri” but I will see how the rest of the month goes)   Yasmin (there is a really bad initial breakout but a lot of people cleared completely in 2 months). Look for coupons because you can knock the price off of them so much.
Stay away from any pills that say “Lo” in the name  they won’t clear you as well and stay away from the mini pill...literally does nothing to your skin. lo lestrin fe is the worst!! Dont go on it!!

Bubble Glinda

Bubble Glinda



Day 1

Day 1.

9:00 Washed with Proactive added pure aloe gel or scabs along with Simple 24 hr day/night cream. Skin on forehead so oily by 1:00
Thinking about somehow adding more BP to the proactive cream. I like the way the system works and it suppresses around 80% of it but it doesn't stop my face from getting oily and it doesn't keep the CC away.

Food: Breakfast Vegan pancakes (banana, Egg, vanilla &honey), Lunch: Chicken, gluten free corn chips.

Drank a LOT of water though with Crystal light in it, it supposed to be pretty bad for you so I need to find an alternative.

Getting Birth Control Changed to  Ortho Tri-Cyclen soon. Maybe it will help   

Bubble Glinda

Bubble Glinda





I have been stuggling with acne for the past few months. 
I had started on proactive when I was in 6th grade for moderate acne.
it cleared me up completely until about a year ago then it stopped working.
I went odd of it my face freaked out (the worst acne I ever had)
I went back on, it has been mostly clear besides A LOT of Closed Condones & Mild Scarring & Hyperpigmentation 
Starting to also get large cystic Acne from Birth Control- I am going to change it soon.

Take dairy, gluten, sugar, processed foods out of diet.
Only drink water regular and sparkling
Exercise:  Different styles of dance 
Stop Picking
Change environment:  i.e wash pillow case every other day, don't go to sleep with wet hair, clean electronics every other day, clean makeup brushes every three days. 
Try different products with proactive: Face masks , light therapy, other   

Bubble Glinda

Bubble Glinda


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