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I believe today is around the 30th day/1 month mark where I should have been on Spiro, 50 mg/day. I stopped this medication 3 days ago after my eyebrows and eyelashes began falling out HEAVILY. I remarked around the 2 week point or so that a few were falling out...well, those few progressed into 4-5 lost eyebrows per day, sometimes twice per day, and then my eyelashes as well. I am lucky I have thick eyebrows or else I would be bald. I took the plunge and decided to stop Spiro cold turkey...and




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Day 23

Just checking back in. Almost 100% of the bad breakout from the meds and my hormones on my jawline and chin has resolved itself within the last 3 days which is great. I'm still super bummed out about the primer/makeup worsening my skin, though. Does anyone have any recommendations who is reading this? I think the cetearyl alcohol in the primer could have triggered me, too.  The sunburn got way worse by Monday morning...rock lobster bad. Lol. My entire face has basically been peeling since Mond

Day 20

The spiro helped reduce the inflammation and irritation from a lot of the makeup breakout overnight. I still have active spots but at least it gets better faster than it did. I have another tiny papule like bump on my left cheek that was super tiny but the cosmetics made it big. Hoping that Spiro will reduce that before it leaves nasty PIH behind. Unfortunately I got a mild sunburn on my face and neck after falling asleep outside. Be warned that apparently Spiro makes you more likely to burn,

Day 19

So I'm right in the thick of things just over the 2 week mark and I'm really struggling emotionally. When I began taking it and using the glycerin based wash, I got a weird little zit rash underneath my jawline on the left side of my face. Several of those tiny spots have now become small papules. It realllly sucks! Once I get this kind of stuff it doesn't ever go away, it just comes to a head and slowly disappears, usually leaving PIH behind. Honestly the discoloration is actually worse than th

Day 13

I wanted to check back in and report on how things have been since day 10. I was super depressed Sunday because 2 pretty bad forehead spots were emerging, so I decided to say f/ck it and go back to my old cleanser. And it worked. One of them receded and disappeared entirely, while the other became way less inflamed. It just goes to show products make a world of difference. I knew it wasn't Spiro's fault! Crisis averted....You know, I think I've discovered what the culprit is: GLYCERIN. Every tim

Day 10... depressed

So, it's about day 10 and I feel really depressed. I love how my skin is way less oily, but overall my face still looks awful and it's getting me down. Ever since I switched cleansers about 3 and a half weeks ago, my forehead has been breaking out more than ever before, and it's so frustrating. I'm not able to use Neutrogena anymore since it has fragrance, but every other one I seem to use is promoting weird forehead breakouts...unless the one spot that popped up on my forehead tonight is just f

Day 9

I really like giving day to day updates, since so much can change in a day. The 2 under the skin bumps are pretty much almost gone. They aren't red at all anymore and they're flattening out already, which is amazing, considering before this they'd linger for 1-3 weeks at a time. I noticed I've been getting super small whiteheads the size of a pore here and there, I woke up with two on my left cheek, which kinds of sucks but they aren't very noticeable.  My skin was not oily whatsoever when I w

Day 8

So, today is day 8. I woke up and didn't have any new active spots on my face, which hasn't happened in a while. But my skin still feels very dry, and it stings occasionally from the dryness and the healing process. The 2 under the skin chin bumps resolved some last night. They aren't bright red or tender as they'd normally be for a week or more. Oil is still super low and cheeks feel softer. One small papule flattened out overnight. Also, a small under the skin zit on my upper lip that began to

Week 1

Today is my first full week of Spiro, 50mg/day with one 25mg supplement at 8:30 AM and another at 1 PM with lunch. I read here that dividing the doses with breakfast and lunch is best...anyone else agree this has worked well for them? I am sorry I am too embarrassed to take pics, but if I did it would probably really throw me into an emotional tailspin.  OIL The overall oil decrease in one week is incredible. My scalp is not dry, but not so oily that I have to wash every other day. The oil on
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