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first blog!

Heyo- so I decided to start a blog, 20 yo/ female.
Background: acne since 14- hereditary my dad was on trial for Accutane!, tried everything but nup not working so started on 10 mg/ day- saw derm in week 4 and now im on 20 mg/ day MASSIVE DIFFERENCE ALREADY!
So quick run down!
Week 1: no difference. Nil. Zip. Squat.
Week 2: little breakout on top of normal pimples, hair gone extremely dry (had to have it chopped off L
Week 3: no improvement in skin, gotten worse but hey! That means its working!
Week 4: went to the derm and he increased me to 20mg/ day face has gone tight, pushed all little pimples to the surface! Skin has never looked so bad- but hopefully this is the initial break out stage!
Some tips so far:
-          Look after your lips
-          Drink plenty of water
-          Buy really really good conditioner and masks for your hair!
-          Wear sunscreen
-          DO NOT PICK (I did and boy did I regret the creator it became! )
-          You are beautiful/ handsome! Do not let this bring you down. We are going to push through it!
-          You do best! Remember that