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Clogged pores/bumpy skin

Hi! I'm new here and I've never done anything like this before. Generally I'm the one googling questions about my acne and ending up on sites like this one and reading a bunch of comment and tips... never making an account and writing about my own acne. But I recently have found a personal "cure" to my own clogged pores! And I hope maybe one person will see this and maybe it will help them. I've had clogged pores for about 6 years now but have only been extremely concerned with them until recently. Ive tried a lot of things. And although clogged pores don't necessarily look as bad as "real acne" they are definitely as stubborn if not MORE than your regular mild acne. One thing about me is that I eat like shit me I don't exercise and blah blah blah. So that could defintley play a huge part in my clogged pores. But recently I've been drinking water. A LOT. OF. WATER. Like the daily amount you're supposed to drink. Now I am using the three step proactive+ with it but BOOM, my skin has never been more clear. After 6 freaking years this is all I had to do. Is drink more water.  Now this might not help everyone with bumpy clogged pores, but it might help SOMEONE. So I really suggest giving them a try.