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I'm not happy or comfortable with my skin right now, especially my chest, but if I think back to the beginning of the year there really is a big difference in how I'm feeling about it, mainly because of how iodine got rid of my body acne or folliculitis or whatever it was. I couldn't stand to wear a tank top or be without pants even when alone in my room, I couldn't stand anything that increased my awareness of those parts of my body. Even when I was covered up I was still thinking about it almost all the time. And now that I don't get those blemishes, and the spots are fading, I may not be comfortable with the appearance yet but the wonderful thing is that I don't have these constant negative thoughts about it.

I don't know if I'm just going through a good spot right now, or if the other topicals I started using a couple weeks ago are doing something, but I went on a couple errands without makeup this week. I would love to be able to always feel free to leave the house, see strangers or friends, feel that I look normal with no makeup, feel comfortable with just tinted moisturizer or something in the types of situations where foundation is normally a must for me.




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