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This acne is literally killing me.I need serious help!!!

I believe I have severe acne. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I need some serious help. Here's what I'm doing now. I used to use la roche posay but it seemen to break me out more. I now use neutrogena blackhead eliminator soap morning and night with an electric spin brush. I use benzoyl peroxide cream at the mornings then moisturize using aveeno clear complexion moisturizer. I take a solodyn antibiotic every evening then wash my face at night and use either acanya or epiduo cream, I alternate them every night then moisturize as prescribed by a dermatologist. What is it I'm doing wrong? Maybe its my stress or something I eat that's making it worse. I've been doing this same routine for about a month now and haven't seen any improvement. Is my only other option to use accutane? This acne is seriously depressing me and affecting my social life. I NEED SERIOUS HELP PLEASE!!!




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