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7 Month Check-In on Regimen

7 Month Check-In/Progress on Regimen

I am now on my 7th month with the acne.org regimen. I have seen HUGE improvements in my skin, but I am still not where I want to be exactly.

1. I have not had a seriously active breakout for probably 5 months now. 
2. My biggest issue areas are my pores and scars now
3. My skin is back to being oily now
4. My face looks so much smoother now when I wear makeup as opposed to before when you could see every single bump on my face. 
5. I have yet to start using the AHA, but I think this may help a lot with my scars and pigmentation issues. 
6. It's kind of easy to get lazy with the regimen, and that's why it's so important to take progress pictures to remind yourself why you're doing this every day. 

lia michelle

lia michelle


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Day 7 (1 Week Mark)

So, I've finally hit the 1 week mark for the regimen! I swear time goes by so slow while being on this lol
Well, I didn't notice much change from yesterday obviously since it's been a day from my last update.
My scars are lightening, but still very much there.
I learned today that I used the benzoyl peroxide completely wrong for my first week. The directions online say to apply once a day for the first week, but I've been doing twice a day... whoops.  But, I do think that would explain why my face was swelling up so much the first 3 days or so. But I may just change up the dosages that I use at night, and in the morning. I'll probably go heavier at night, and lighter in the morning! 
I've been able to wear makeup still, and yes my skin is pretty flaky but just mainly around my chin area. I haven't put any BP on my nose or forehead because I don't ever break out in these places, but I think I might just start doing it anyways to help even out my skin tone more... If anyone else has a similar experience with that please comment! 


lia michelle

lia michelle



Day 6

So I'm now on day 6 of the regimen! 
The only active breakout I have is 2 big white heads along my jawline. My skin is definitely drying out A LOT. I see a lightening in my scars, but they are still quite visible. I'm keeping the faith though! I know that my journey on this has only just begun, so I'm giving it all the patience and time. 

lia michelle

lia michelle



Day 4 on the regimen

Hello all :-) 
I am on day 4 of the acne.org regimen!
I've tried to keep notes of every day on the regimen to keep track of my progress and so far this is what I have.
The first morning I woke up with a breakout on my chin but the scars around my cheeks were visibly lighter. The next day I woke up with just white heads (which rarely happens for me, I usually have cysts), and my pores also appeared to be smaller. BUT, on this day I was kind of lazy with the application, and waited too longer after I washed my face to apply the treatment, and this REALLY irritated my skin. So, I suggest everyone to follow the regimen step by step or it will fire back on you definitely! Yesterday morning, I woke up with only 2 small white heads, and some flakiness. My skin has also started to feel a lot smoother! Today, I woke up with one big white head by my mouth and A LOT of flakiness. My scars also looked a little less visible, and my skin seems to be smoothing out.
I do want to note a couple of things though...
1. My skin does feel itchy at times, and I feel like this is caused by the moisturizer, but I'm not too sure. The moisturizer feels better when its mixed with the jojoba oil, so I highly suggest purchasing that whether it be from acne.org or another site/store.
2. It is so hard not to pick at my skin when there is so much flaking off! But I have definitely been fighting myself from doing it.
3. Its now starting to become uncomfortable for me to wear makeup, but I still do it for the sake of my confidence. I'm thinking I may need to switch up my foundation formula soon just because my matte products are not agreeing with my new dry skin type.
4. Removing makeup was really weird on the first day, but I've developed a system for it. I put a couple drops of the jojoba oil on my palm, and then I glide it over the areas with the most acne/texture. I let the oil sit for a minute, and then I gently go over it with a makeup remover wipe. I try to be gentle as possible so I don't irritate my skin, and so far it's been working okay. Buuut, I might purchase the makeup remover oil from Boscia because I know it works great at dissolving makeup. 
5. I know I've only been on the regimen for a short period of time, but I have hit moments where I'm scared it won't work. I feel like it really helps when I go on Youtube and watch the videos that people have posted about their success. Those videos give me so much hope and faith, and I think those 2 things are what is most important to have while on this regimen. 

I'll be posting in about another week or so with some more progress updates :-) 

lia michelle

lia michelle