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Epiduo Journey! MUST READ if going on this perscription. Journey & Tips.

so in january i used tactuo/epiduo for about 5 months and it totally cleared my skin but didnt stop occasional purging until the third month, so since my skin was clear i slowly cam off of it and my skin was nearly perfect for about 3 months and after using a pore clogging product (noxema for moisturizer) my whole face is full of clogged pores and now theyre turning into  pimples and it is an absolute nightmare! so i brought out my new bottle of tactuo/epiduo and started using it again, im on day 2 right now and havent experienced any dryness yet... only a tiny bit red. my biggest concern/question here is... will i have to go through the 3 months or reddness, dryness and purging ALL over again? this is the only thing that has EVER worked for me so i guess have no choice anyways. when i got my hormones checked the doctor told me that they were fine and my acne was not hormonal which was extremely concerning because i am very very active, i exercise almost everyday i play high level soccer and i eat mostly organiz and very very healthy so what gives? its been 2 years and ive never figured it out. my acne is a big mystery. i might have a little more stress than the average person (mostly due to acne) but other than that i am completely lost on what could be causing this. i use mineral makeup, drink tons of water, use cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer and thats about it. has anyone gone back to epiduo for a second time? what happened when you did? 




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