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Week 3- to 5 - Supplements

hello! Been kind of busy (and lazy) for the past 3 weeks. very late update, but very happy to say that from that horrible breakout all over my face, all I'm left now is scarring! (not sure if I really should be so happy abt that. haha) I'm still having pimple/acne here and there, and they are hormonal ones (along my jaw, sides of my face or chin). they are pretty much normal to me though. As of now, i have like 2-3 active acne in my chin and jaw, then 1 near my lips (sucks!) During Week 3, i

Week 2 - Same regimen + Prescribed Med (not Antibiotic!)

For my current regimen --> http://www.acne.org/messageboard/blogs/entry/31876-week-1-worst-breakout-ever-start-of-dermatologist-prescribed-regimen-all-topical/ Hi All! So it has been 2 weeks since i started the topical skin care regimen that the dermatologist recommended, so far so good. I was still having some huge break out especially on my chin! But it calms down and comes to head after a day or 2. it was mostly because of lack of sleep and bad eating habits. Recently, i slip off of my

Make Up tips

These are some tips i have gathered over the years (wow! I sounded like an old person, haha).  I have had acne on and off since I was around 8, i am 23 now. it was a hard work, searching how to get your skin fixed and also, how to cover it up. I did not really wore make up until i was 19, but i always try to search how, just in case i'm going to need it. Listed below are the tips I have learned from youtubers, google search, bloggers, own experience, you name it #1 - you know this, get your

Week 1 - Worst Breakout ever + start of Dermatologist prescribed regimen (all topical)

WARNING :  LONG POST So, recently I had the worst acne breakout of my life, it started around end of June 2016. I got some allergic reaction to one of the most raved about clay mask, the Indian Healing clay. it was so bad, acne flared out all over my face. Initially, I thought it was the "purging stage", so i continued with it. It actually got rid of 2 acne i had on my cheeks during that time, then i started having little bumps all over my face. i stopped using it for 2 weeks, because i had

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