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Its 3:12 am and i am thinking about how i just absolutely hate my skin and the way i look because of it. I have a long distance boyfriend who i have never seen in person but soon will. I got scars and blemishes and i have no idea what to do cuz when we facetime i wear makeup but when we see each other in person he'd be able to see all that and m just really scared and sad rn cuz i just want better skin but i cant get it. Plus i have no moneg for cosmetic treatments cuz thats the only way i can fix it. 

Btw i eat lunch in the bathroom whenever m in school cuz i have 0 friends and i feel like its cuz the way i look. And nobody likes talking with me cuz idk i just am sad about the realities i faced when i went go school and its gonna start soon and m scared. Ugh idk what to do




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