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Day 4

I woke up last night at 1 and I couldn't go back to sleep because my face was so itchy! I ended up putting a cold wash cloth on my face then moisturizer and going back to sleep. Minimal flaking today, nothing  too bad. I went to work and my coworkers commented that my face looked it was glowing and my skin looks better. My cheeks are still slightly red and rough because it hasn't peeled completely yet but so far I'm liking the results. I'm thinking  about going for a second session in a month or two!





Day 3

Starting to peel more! I went for lunch this afternoon and tried applying moisturizer and sunscreen but everytime I'd rub product in, my skin would flake. I kept having to use a wet washcloth to gently remove the flakes. In the end, I patted in my moisturizer and used a lower SPF. My skin felt fine, then felt tight, then started to feel better throughout the day. I still hid under a hat and sunglasses. When I got home, I washed off everything with a wet washcloth again then applied Aquaphor. My face is still red, nothing too bad. I didn't bother with make up today. I can't tell if I'm getting little bumps on my chin or if my skin is still healing and peeling. Hopefully it's the latter!





Day 2

As mentioned in my description, I'm pretty much clear of acne but still have a lot of hyperpigmentation. I was using hydroquinone 4% for about 4 months which helped, then upped it to 8% about a month ago. I wanted more progress. My coworker who struggled with acne had Pixel done about a month ago and the other day I realized how much smoother her skin looked. So I took the plunge.

the technician explained the process to me and answered all my questions. Because I was on Accutane and it hasn't been over 6 months since I finished treatment, she used a low setting. It felt like rubber bands being flicked on my skin. I could smell my skin burning. But it wasn't anything too bad. She went over my problem areas (my cheeks) twice and that's what hurt the most. When she was done, she applied a numbing cream and Polysporin on my face. It burned for a few seconds then subsided.

i went home, closed all the curtains and blinds, and hid from the sun. I didn't feel any pain, and had very minimal swelling. Before going to bed, I washed my face with cold water, pat dry, and applied from Aquaphor. 

Today is day 2, still no pain, minimal swelling, not too red. I actually wouldn't mind going out like this but because I applied Aquaphor and I look greasy, I'll be hiding for a few more days. I could see the imprint the laser made on my face if I look closely. Overall, I'd like to say it looks good so far, but I know someone is going to tell me it looks smoother due to the swelling. I was told the second day is the worst, but still no pain!

i know it's too early to report results, but that's my input so far. I'll keep updating as the days go by! Hopefully this will help other people curious about Pixel