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I first encountered acne at the young age of ten years old. At that time in my life, the main culprit that was causing my forehead acne was my unkempt bangs. My mother took me to the doctor and prescribed to me tetracycline and a retina topical that did the trick almost instantly. To make sure that I wouldn't become the victim to forehead acne again, I grew out my bangs. About two years later, I can remember this vividly, I woke up one morning to discover that my entire face was covered in red pustules all over my face. I thought that I was having a serious allergic reaction, boy was I wrong. This was just the beginning of my battle with acne. My mother and I returned to the doctor and he prescribed me the same treatment that had worked years prior. It worked for about three month before I realized that I became resistant to the antibiotic. This did not stop me. The doctor prescribed to me another antibiotic called minocycline that worked really well for me until I became resistant once again to it. With the minocycline, he prescribed to me a topical called clindamycin, which only really bleached my clothes terribly. Before I mention anything else, I should tell you that I am an identical twin. My twin sister battled acne alongside me until hers finally cleared up. She is not kind about telling me this fact. Now that hers is clear, I find myself extremely depressed. When I say we look alike, I mean we look alike, except the fact that I have acne littering my entire face. It is hard to be confident when the only reason that people can tell us apart is by the fact that I have acne and she doesn’t. So my confidence has suffered due to the fact that she is cleared and I am not. Skipping ahead, I have tried microdermabrasion, two types of birth control, ziana gel, epiduo, amoxicillin, and even a sulfa drug called bactrim. Nothing has worked. You could be thinking that I have terrible hygiene, I don’t. I am a serious neat freak. I wash my face twice a day with the cetaphil dermacontrol acne cleanser and dry with a clean washcloth daily. I change my pillowcase and sheets often. I do laundry everyday. I moisturize with elta moisturizer spf 46. I shower daily, sometimes twice, My hygiene is impeccable. I just have acne. I have acne on and under my chin, jawline, temples, forehead, nose, and cheeks. I do NOT have cystic acne, but I do have moderate, sometimes severe, hormonal acne. Recently, I have started Isolaz and I am currently finished with my third treatment and I have seen some results. My skin is more even in texture, but the bumps are still evident. I just hope that I start to see more results soon. My sister, who is an ultimate perfectionist, is trying her hardest to be supportive, but she isn’t patient. She wants my skin cleared, even more than I think I do. She should understand how hard it is, but she has forgotten. She does not take my feelings into account, She is embarrassed to be my twin because of my acne and it hurts because there isn’t anything that I can do about it. I hope that after my fourth treatment I see some dramatic results. Thank you for listening and I should post again after my fourth treatment.




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