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Week three check-in

Hello all!

Welcome to my week three check-in! This week was an interesting week in terms of how my skin was acting. I started off the week with my normal skin, more oily than dry, which seems typical since its about 100 degrees here. The dryness did subside and I was thrilled, hoping that would become the norm for the next four months that I'm on accutane. That all changed a few days ago, halfway through my third week. My skin went back to being extremely dry. The annoying thing is the dryness will happen overnight, it isn't gradual, all of a sudden I'll wake up and barely be able to move my face since its uncomfortably  dry. I have also noticed other parts of my body getting dryer, my forearms, inside my elbows, my neck, but this week the dryness is in full force! I'm even getting dry in my armpit and bicep area! So, my skin care routine this week is involving more sensitive skin facial moisturizer. 
On the bright side, I have noticed my acne subsiding again like it did during week one, hopefully this time it will stay away and not come back. Although, I noticed a good amount of acne coming out around my chin area which is odd since I rarely used to get acne there before. 

This week, I included pictures of the dryness I'm experiencing on my forearms, inner elbows and armpit area. 

Pregnancy and liver test are tomorrow followed by my doctor appointment on Monday to start month number 2! 

Steph J

Steph J



Week two check-in

Hello everyone!

Time for week two check-in!

This week was the first week my body has begun to react to the medication. I have been on absorbica for 16 days now and about 6 days ago, I started to get super dry. The first week I noticed my lips chapping and a tiny bit of dryness around my nose and mouth. Now, I am experiencing dryness on my  entire face, arms, and neck. I also mentioned last week that many people experience a big breakout in the beginning of treatment while your liver is flushing all the toxins out, but I was not experiencing any signs of that. I feel like I have jinxed myself! Now I am getting a bunch of new pimples and they are extremely sore and don't pop like normal ones. 

Fingers crossed it only gets better from here!

Have an awesome week! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 

Steph J

Steph J



Week one check-in

Hello everyone!

Here I am to do my week one check-in on Accutane.

This week has gone surprisingly well compared to what I have researched online prior to committing to the Accutane treatment. I was warned about EXCESSIVE drying of  the skin and a major initial breakout. I'm happy to say, the drying is minimal and I have not had a major break out... yet! It was on day 5, after I did my daily makeup routine, that I noticed my face absorbing all the liquid foundation I put on it so that is when I noticed it was dry. I find myself only dry around my nostrils, on my upper lip and my actual lips- they are so chapped! Other than that, I have had no major issues. But, I also haven't noticed any improvement in the amount of acne I have. A also haven't changed my skin care routine other than applying more moisturizer after I wash my face two times a day.

I apologize for the yellowness of the pictures this week. I'm not sure why they came out looking like they did. Also, I do have a natural pink undertone but in the pictures, I had just showered and also put on face moisturizer so please excuse the redness! 

Have a great week everyone!


Steph J

Steph J



Introduction/ Day 1

Hello all!
My name is Stephanie and I am a 22 year old college student. A little about my acne background, I started getting acne in the 6th grade. Once I got it, I haven't been able to get rid of it. I started using topical medication in middle school along with regularly washing my face twice a day. On the topical side of things, I have used products ranging from over-the-counter medication such as Proactiv and Murad to prescription medication like Differin gel, Benzaclin, and Tazorac. I have also been on countless types of oral medication and nothing seems to do the trick. As I have gotten older and have seen most teenagers grow out of their acne phase, I have gotten more and more frustrated with mine. I recently have decided to take certain foods out of my diet to see if those had any influence on my, what I refer to it as, pizza face. I cut out gluten for six weeks, dairy for six weeks, then sugar for six weeks. Nothing changed so I decided to cut out all of those together for six weeks and again, I am left with acne galore! I also stopped wearing makeup, changed the products I was using on my face and nothing happened. So, I finally decided I was fed up with always having to wear makeup to cover up my acne and I made an appointment with my dermatologist to start the accutane process. Needless to say, she didn't argue!

The process is long and tedious. Pregnancy and liver test the first month, pregnancy test and liver test the second month, THEN you can finally have the medication. So, here I am, 100% baby free and happy to have finally received my 30-day supply of Absorbica in the mail. Since it is 4th of July weekend, and I do enjoy beer, I decided to hold off on the start of accutane until the weekend was over. You are strongly advised not to consume alcohol during your treatment period as liver failure can occur. 

As I am not a small lady, I was prescribed 80mg/ day. That is two pills, one in the morning and one at night, 40mg each for 5 months. I have known many people who have had to be treated more than once to achieve clear skin. Fingers crossed this will do the trick!

I have been warned about dryness of the skin and lips, a massive initial break out to flush the toxins and dry hair/scalp. 

So, follow my journey with me to clear skin!

Here are initial photos of what my face and chest look like today, day 1 of Absorbica. 


Steph J

Steph J