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Day: ? (post Claravis)

Let me start by saying that I'm the worst haha. I was very consistent updating for about two weeks, then I went off the grid...oops. 
Well, I am officially completely finished with Claravis! I was on it for a total of 5 months and I have been finished for about 5 additional months. My feelings towards this process is very two-sided. On one end, I really do have virtually perfect skin and no noticeable scaring. But on the other hand, my body basically went through hell, which I'll explain below. Overall? I do think that Claravis can be very effective, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND using it unless EVERY OTHER OPTION is attempted. 

Here are my symptoms that I experienced/still experience (symptoms that I still deal with will have an *  by it):
Physical: dry-itchy skin, oily hair, sunburn*, heat rash, sweaty upper lip*, dry mouth*, easy dehydration*, very low alcohol tolerance*, moderate and new allergic reactions*, headache, nausea, appetite fluctuations (both starving or not hungry for entire days), weight gain, red eyes
Emotional/Mental/Psychological: mood swings, general anxiety, social anxiety, mild depression, occasional confusion, bouts of random crying, etc.

So if you struggle with acne like I did, where you tried everything to no avail, yes, Claravis is an option. However, I would look further into other factors of your life. If you currently consume dairy or gluten, try going a week or so without to see if it makes a difference. If you have a bad habit of not washing off your makeup or wearing makeup most days, try going an entire week with a clean face or strictly removing makeup and washing your face morning and night. Or perhaps change your makeup to a natural or sensitive-skin friendly formula. If you consume processed foods or excessive sugar/candy, make an effort to reduce those products to a minimum. Wash your pillow ONCE PER WEEK. Wash your makeup brushes ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS. Try increasing your vitamins and minerals. Consider birth control pills as an option to regulate hormones.

Basically, Claravis did a great job making the skin on my face pretty, but it TOOK A MASSIVE TOLL ON THE REST OF MY BODY.

Not only was the period during treatment hard, I am assuming some of the side-effects will last the rest of my life. I can now barely drink because I get drunk off of two or three drinks and feel like misery the following day. I have a new array of allergies that I have never experienced before, which is scary as hell because I still am not sure exactly what I am allergic to/if some allergic reactions are more or less severe. My upper lip sweats like crazy and I still have occasional mood swings/periods of anxiety.

Below I have attached pictures of my clean face, about two minutes after washing, so you can see the results. But take into consideration all other factors besides just the post-physical.




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Day 11: The Dreaded Aunt Flo

Today marks my 11th day on Claravis 30mg twice a day. It also marks the fourth day in my period and my skin is basically undergoing anarchy. I have spots down my cheeks, on my chin, on my jawline, and between my eyebrows. Alongside the spots is pretty significant dryness. I have work tonight and am dreading going. I will post a picture. To be fair, my skin is not much worse than my skin normally is on my period, but the dryness and redness are not making it look very pretty. I also noticed that, with the dryness, my makeup is doing a terrible job of covering my skin.
Symptoms: Dryness of pimples, dryness of nose, dryness of lips, dryness of skin, headache, nausea, increased appetite (period), fatigue 
Diet: About one liter of water so far, two cups of coffee, chicken fajitas with corn tortillas, a few spoonfuls of Ben and Jerrys "The Tonight Dough" ice-cream (sorry not sorry)
Products: Neutrogena Deep Moisture face lotion, Cetaphil daily cleanser, Clarins spot concealer, Clarins powder foundation, Clarins bronzer, Josie Marin highlighting powder





Day 4: ARGH

Whelp, today is not fun. My skin is notably less red actually and my lips aren't dry, but the headache I have in crazy. Its so bad I haven't taken my dosage of Claravis today because I'm afraid of it getting worse. I'm going to push through and take it soon, but this stinks.

Symptoms: Painful and demotivating headache behind my eyes, some dryness on individual spots, one pimple dried out and turned into some kind of sore (lovely), lack of appetite. I also have a weird cough, I'm not sure if its from the accutane but its not great.

Diet: About a liter of water so far, a few bites of my roommates ham croissant, small green salad with chicken, half a blue gatorade




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And so we begin... Claravis 30mg twice a day

Hi guys! My name is Quinn and I am currently a 21-year old female struggling with hormonal/prolonged acne mainly of the face, neck, and upper back. I will post a before picture later this evening.

My acne is not cystic and relatively mild in comparison with extreme cases; however it is also extremely persistent and consistent. After trying everything (literally everything) from my skin routine to my prescribed treatments, my dermatologist and I found it in my best interest to begin "accutane", in my case Claravis at 30mg. I will be taking 2 capsules once a day for 5-6 months.

I am currently on Day #2: 
Spot Location: today my forehead is clear, as usual. The pores on my nose and surrounding areas are large, some contain black heads. My large spots are on my cheeks, around the sides of my mouth, and on my jawline/upper neck. I can also feel a few spots on the back sides of my shoulders.
Symptoms: My stress level is high and my sleep hours are minimal. Fortunately, there is no shift in my mood, at least that I can tell, as a result to my new meds. I am naturally upbeat so I am crossing my fingers that I do not get hit to hard with excess sadness, depression, etc. So far, no noticeable change in skin (no dryness, excessive redness, etc). I have been peeing frequently, but this could be related to my water and coffee intake, which is higher than usual today. 
Environment: I am right in the middle of finals week. Currently: in my campus library.
Diet: Im a moderately healthy eater and exercise approx. 4 times a week. It is 1:18pm and I have consumed 1.5 liters of water, half of a black Starbucks iced coffee, one banana, half a bag (1/2 cup or so?) steamed brown rice, two eggs, one cup of spinach, and a large handful of almonds mixed with chia seeds. I am also about to eat a Quest bar as a snack.
Skin Routine/Makeup: I washed my face this morning with Cetaphil daily cleanser. I usually use a Cetaphil moisturizer, but anticipating related dryness, I used a Neutrogena Deep Moisturizing Day face lotion with 20spf. I am still not confident with my skin, so I put on face makeup before heading to the library. I use a Clarins spot concealer and the same brands powder foundation.

I hope this blog is helpful to anyone in my same boat! 
Fight on friends,