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almost a year

so, haven't posted in a while.
my skin is the best it's been for about 6 years and it's winter!! I always break out loads in winter but with the help of a retinoid they have been few and far between, and cleared up easily. I have a clear forehead with a few tiny bumpy, the texture of the skin is slightly bumpy but it's probably scarring from old breakouts. 

My cheeks are so clear, a few black head type bumps near my mouth on one cheek but the other is clear. Still abit of scarring but nothing like how it used to be.

i actually switched from isotrex to differin and found no difference in the rate of my skin clearing. However, differin is more cream like and sits well under makeup. I was using differin twice a day however I'm just starting to use it at night like it reccomends on the bottle. Quite nervous about this as I have just got everything under control but it is quite drying applying it twice a day so we shall see





Closed comedones

My cheeks are clear! Entirely! So happy about that, as it was my main problem area with lots of inflamed acne. Although they are very dry I do not care as they are finally clear.

My chin has been breaking out, the closed comedones present there when I first started applying isotrex may have finally come to the surface? 

My life long spotty forehead however is still ugly and covered in closed comedones. It's dry and slightly itchy, with no real reduction in the size of the bumps. Apparently closed comedones are the hardest to shift so this would be expected but I'm getting impatient!!! Anyone had success with isotrexin gel and these bumps?




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Other Factors

So I've attached a picture depicting how flat my outer cheeks look after using isotrex for around a month and a half now. My forehead, t zone and chin are all bumpy still however. But my skin IS improving. 

I've been using nip fab glycolic cleanser for a few weeks too, which is fabulous and apparently good for closed comedones as it contains just 2% glycolic acid. 

However - I always see improvements around this time of year. My thoughts are either this is due to the weather change, as temperatures have been around 15 degrees on average recently compared with under 10 degrees when my acne was the worst in winter. But then again, this may be because I usually stop using topicals at the end of summer when I am feeling tanned and my scars and acne are made less visible by a good bronzing! So I gradually get spottier over winter, then pick up a new medication around january when I am so depressed and acne covered, and it gets better in a couple of months. 

Really not sure but just something to think about, I hate living with a constant experiment on my skin but this year I will continue using isotrex if i keep seeing improvements. In that way i can say i control my acne and the weather does not. 






So on Thursday I will have been applying isotrex for 6 weeks. 

Firstly, I've had a couple of compliments like 'Your skins looking good!' this week, as we all know this is bitter sweet, an acne sufferer can never accept that compliment. In my head i just think 'does it really though? would you be happy with this skin? do you see anyone else around here with a face that looks dirty?', as ungrateful and self absorbed that is. Anyway, I can say my skin is looking a lot better than last week, one of my cheeks has no inflamed acne just a few spots flattening from last week. The patch where acne was the worst on the other cheek looks better too, although the same little spots seem to keep resurfacing. 

I have 3 whiteheads on my chin that won't be squeezed, so not sure what to do about them. Also my forehead bumps appear to have flattened a little bit but I'm not sure if this is just how it seems with the actual physical gel on top of them. So the verdict is, think I'm seeing improvements but don't want to speak to soon. 

Also been putting the gel on my back, the areas i can reach are significantly awful so I'm concluding this is because my back is so spotty the purging is still continuing. 

My favourite thing about this gel so far is that it seems to reduce a spot in size over night! But it also is likely to reappear the next week, so not sure about that.

I haven't had any extortionate dryness with isotrex, but in the last few days the burn after i put it on is awful!! For a couple of seconds my face throbs and stings, but then this completely goes. 

Will keep updating!!! 




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POSITIVE NEWS! So in the last week, I have seen slight differences in the condition of my skin. Arguably, it is too quick to judge whether this is due to the isotrex or another factor such as improving weather possibly? However, the most stubborn patch of acne on my cheek which had been persistent for around 3 months has flattened! Redness remains and has possibly worsened but I see this as positive, as cysts are no longer as inflamed, they are closer to just being scars or post acne marks, and as anyone with acne will know scars are preferable to spots as it means the acne is no longer the primary problem. 

I went out last saturday night so i used bp last week on my forehead to ensure some improvement in the closed comedones would be seen so i wouldn't feel too embarrassed, but now I'm back to using isotrex on this area twice a day. I'm hoping my forehead will adjust like my cheeks, chin and nose have done. Also, I'm about to enter my exam season so I'm prepared to purge!! 

My comment on the initial breakout - now I look at photos of my skin from the last few weeks - i can notice how it was significantly worse. But i feel as though all the nasty build ups of sebum below my skins surface, surfaced and have now been treated. I have also read that isotrex gel actually has a long term benefit as a retinoid which hopefully will close pores and reduce the size of sebaceous glands or their effect (don't quote me on that exactly) but I have read the effect of isotrex is more of short term struggle for a long term solution than topical creams like bp. Hence why I gave up with bp. 

So I will keep updating this blog!! Please feel free to ask questions x




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First few weeks

So, I am 17 years old and have had acne of some form for 6 years. I have tried mostly everything apart from accutane, ranging from holistic methods, dietary changes, birth control, antibiotics and topical treatments. 

A couple of weeks ago I went to see the deem and was prescribed isotrex gel, a topical form of accutane. My acne is on the mild side of moderate. I frequently get inflamed cysts on my cheeks which scar, have closed comedones in the centre of my face and all over my forehead. 

I'm half way through the third week. I have had a slight initial breakout, with whiteheads under my nose that never usually form in that area. Cysts seem slightly less inflamed, my forehead I've switched to benzoyl peroxide because it was getting SO bad. I know BP works on my forehead, so Im trying this however I think I may return to using isotrex all over my face so I can test the results.

I did consider giving up with it yesterday, as I don't feel like it is working, although the nature of my acne does seem to have changed slightly. But all I can say so far is possibly that the time taken for cysts and inflamed spots to calm has been reduced. 

If anyone has tried isotrex or has any questions let me know!! Will keep updating this and post pics if anyone is interested!