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Day 23 on Accutane

Ok, so I know I kinda forgot to post my progress so far with my treatment, but anyway... So it's nearing the end of Day 23 on accutane, and I'm having mixed feelings about my progress so far. I think my acne has improved in terms of bumpiness on my face - even where my acne is (on the cheeks, chin and forehead) there aren't really any bumps - but the redness of each zit is still there, making it a little difficult to cover up. Now, the dryness, hmm...well, I'm really happy that now when I wake

1 week before Accutane

So...this is the horrible week of waiting before I can start my Accutane treatment.  I stopped taking the Minomycin as told 3 days ago. And have been on nothing since. The result? Loads of new whiteheads, red bumps, inflammation, redness, painfulness, itchiness, bumpiness etc. - just great! :l Oh God, if this is only 3 days into this awful week of waiting, what on earth is my acne going to be like by the end of the week??!! *cringes at the thought and shudders* I don't know if I can survive a we

Brief overview/history of my acne (pre-Accutane)

Ok so to start off with, here's a brief overview of my experience with acne: I have had severe acne for the past two years. It is hormonal and is a constant source of shame and embarrassment to me every waking minute of the day. My acne is worse than most other people at my school, which doesn't help me feel socially accepted. It is painful, sore, itchy, bright red and bumpy, and all over my forehead, chin, upper-lip, and both cheeks as well as along the cheekbones. I have tried pretty much ev
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