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Alternative regimen to BP

Wanted to update my forum post () with a blog which is the direction I want to take the post since I'm currently in the "experimentation" process. I was motivated to do this blog to help other people who are trying to find alternative treatments to BP as I know how frustrating it can be to find new a regimen after one has been working so well. Currrently, i'm trying a new regimen as I found that using salicylic acid wash (neutrogena oil free wash) and aha (dan's brand) resulted in many closed comedones and noticeably darker skin with a rough texture. I stopped doing this regimen about 2 weeks ago.

About 1 week ago I started using coral kavi soap which is a sulfur based soap with salicylic acid 2 times a day followed by red box stridex followed by cetaphil spf 15 after allowing the stridex to dry for about 15 mins or so. Broke out in a few whiteheads which I'm excusing as purging after the first 4 days. The whiteheads also went away within the same week after popping them but so far no new breakouts and my closed comedones are making progress, Overall I'm very pleased with the results. I'll update next week on more results.