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After five weeks on the regimen!

I have now been using the regimen for five weeks!
Here is what's up: 
Before I started:
I had twenty to forty active zits on my face. The majority of these zits were cystic, very painful and were resulting in scarring. 

After Week One:
I noticed a little bit of improvement. The acne I had seemed to be clearing faster than normal, however, I was still breaking out. 

After Week Three:
I got down to 10 active zits on my face, this is an all time low for me! Lowest in years!
I did still have a fair amount of marks, non-active zits that take weeks to heal. 

Also, I was expecting to see a lot of flaking and peeling from the benzol peroxide, and never did. I believe it is because I moisturize liberally. Many people with acne are afraid to moisturize, especially those with oily skin (like me.)  But remember, Oily skin is a result of your skin trying to moisturize itself. If you begin to regularly moisturize, your skin will eventually recognize it no longer needs to produce excess amounts of sebum. Long story short, I moisturize morning and night!

After Week Five:
Tomorrow marks the beginning of week six for me. As of right now, I have no active zits. In the course of five weeks, i went from 20-40 (more than one new zit per day) active zits on my face at all times, down to ten and then down to zero. 
I used to jump out of bed every morning to check in the mirror to see what the damage was for the day, and now I can happily check and see that nothing has happened!

Currently I have a lot of healing red scarring. In the image it may look like acne, but in real life it's all sooth and healing red marks.  I have not yet started using the glycolic acid as reccomended in the regimen, but I am going to be starting very soon to help the scarring. 

So! From here, I plan to continue very DILIGENTLY using the regimen. Morning, night, with gentle love and care! 
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Day One of the Regimen

Today is day one of beginning the Acne.org regimen! Feeling hopeful despite the many many "cures" I have tried thus far. 
I plan to take photos and and describe how the process is going - once every week!

Below are photos from today, having never used the regimen. 
I have a lot of scarring, current cystic acne, even some white heads. 

Another thing I would like to mention is that along with the regimen I am not changing anything else in my life. I am not currently on, or starting, any medications. I am continuing to drink lots of water (not new for me.) I am continuing to be very active, riding bikes and such daily. (not new for me) Lastly, I do not eat any dairy. (Not new, I have been lactose intolerant my whole life, and ruled out absolutely all dairy completely three months ago.)

Anyways, Enjoy!