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#WEEK 8 differin

Differ really works! My face is now smooth as can be, no scars but sadly a lot of red marks. I recently found out that the red marks will fade after 6 months, but my GP gave me doxycycline 100mg capsules enough to last me  8 months! Anyway I read the side effects and they were horrible! Swollen tongue, itching down there and a bunch of other stuff and I also got a yelling at by my mum banning me from using them. But last night she changed her mind bringing the topic back up saying that I should

#DAY 10

Hi mustachios!   Day 10 of differin, it's going so slow. My skin is now very dry and irritated, so after I've washed my face with my anti - bacterial soap, used my tea tree pads I use a moisturizer. On my          previous posts I mentioned which one, so if your interested pop back and have a look. I've already noticed my forehead improving, and my blackheads on my cheek disappearing. also I had a few massive pus filled spots on my cheeks and they disappeared in less than a week! But 2 days I


Hi again, I'm going to start calling you my mustachios. so at the end of the day I've received some comments on my acne (not a great feeling having it pointed out), and also saw that I now have dried skin which burns when I use my tree tea pads. I'm 100% sure that this I because of the differin but this was warned as a side effect. Seriously not looking forward to the expected breakouts though. For the dried skin situation I used 'Olay Essentials double action' it works wonders and it doesn't

#DAY 6

Hi, all you acne haters out there; :wave: my name is CrazyPies :cool:. I have recently been using Differin 0.01% gel to help get rid of my mild acne.    A little background history on my face. Pre - teen years I would only accommodate  one spot every month on my chin, when I started highschool though I didn't have any spots. But I didn't have any time whatsoever to bask in my glory as I was freaking out about high school. however, I became nonchalant over high school 1 month later and be
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