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#WEEK 8 differin

Differ really works! My face is now smooth as can be, no scars but sadly a lot of red marks. I recently found out that the red marks will fade after 6 months, but my GP gave me doxycycline 100mg capsules enough to last me  8 months! Anyway I read the side effects and they were horrible! Swollen tongue, itching down there and a bunch of other stuff and I also got a yelling at by my mum banning me from using them. But last night she changed her mind bringing the topic back up saying that I should start using them next week Friday, so now i'll keep you updated on that as well.

#DAY 10

Hi mustachios!  
Day 10 of differin, it's going so slow. My skin is now very dry and irritated, so after I've
washed my face with my anti - bacterial soap, used my tea tree pads I use a moisturizer. On my          previous posts I mentioned which one, so if your interested pop back and have a look. I've already noticed my forehead improving, and my blackheads on my cheek disappearing. also I had a few massive pus filled spots on my cheeks and they disappeared in less than a week! But 2 days I got 2 massive ones on the bottom of my chin, making me very self - conscious about it. But on the other hand they seemed smaller than the previous ones my chin accompanied. A few blemishes are also beginning to fade, so, yay!  

-CrazyPies <3


Hi again, I'm going to start calling you my mustachios.
so at the end of the day I've received some comments on my acne (not a great feeling having it pointed out), and also saw that I now have dried skin which burns when I use my tree tea pads. I'm 100% sure that this I because of the differin but this was warned as a side effect. Seriously not looking forward to the expected breakouts though.

For the dried skin situation I used 'Olay Essentials double action' it works wonders and it doesn't cause acne to worsen.
And because the Differin will take ages to work I'll try and post weekly on the update however, if something major happens about the acne I'm posting RIGHT AWAY!

So anyway in between those chats I thought we could chat about our troubles or what we like to do. Do you know what, just talk about anything! Also if you have any questions on differin or acne just ask me as I may be young but I know a lot.

-CrazyPies signing out <3

#DAY 6

Hi, all you acne haters out there; :wave: my name is CrazyPies :cool:. I have recently been using Differin 0.01% gel to help get rid of my mild acne.    A little background history on my face. Pre - teen years I would only accommodate  one spot every month on my chin, when I started highschool though I didn't have any spots. But I didn't have any time whatsoever to bask in my glory as I was freaking out about high school. however, I became nonchalant over high school 1 month later and became the class clown :jester: . it wasn't until the end of my 1st year that I began getting blackheads on my nose, 1 summer holiday later I have full blown acne and have a lot of blemishes on my face :( .    I was prescribed differin a month later when my dad embarrassingly brought it up after an equally embarrassing breakdown to my mum :o . But honestly I never used the gel. I was too afraid it would make it worse after everything I read online. :eek: . 4 months later now making it January, enough was enough I started using it. I'm now only on day 6, my mum says its making an improvement, trust me, before she didn't hesitate to tell me how ugly I looked so I'm believing her word. :D . right now I'm just currently hating on a 4 month younger version of me :p for not growing some BALLS OF STEEL, using it and getting done with, seriously though I could have been done with it in 4 month time if I had. :mad: