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Week 9 on Ziana

11/25/15 Well, the Bactrim is making me really sick. I have stayed dizzy and nauseated since I started taking this. It is not fun. I’m continuing to break out like I usually do, but it seems that some of the inflammation on my cheeks is down but that might just be wishful thinking. I’m depressed. I cry when I look at myself in the mirror. I don’t want to go out or be around people. I don’t want my boyfriend to touch my face or kiss me. It’s taking an emotional toll on me at this point. I just

Week 8 on Ziana

11/19/15 I was on vacation over the weekend and anticipated breaking out because it was hard to maintain my regular regimen. Luckily, I did not have a breakout. About 3 pimples did pop up in between my eyebrows, though. I never get acne there so that was a bit irritating. I had my 2 month check-up with my dermatologist today and he was NOT happy with how my face was looking. He actually told me that he doesn’t know what to do and isn’t sure if he can help me. (Super comforting, Doc) He decided

Week 7 on Ziana

11/11/15 My face is getting better little by little. I made the terrible mistake of picking at my pimples and scars a few days ago, and it has made huge and noticeable scabs on my cheek and chin. No more picking for me; this girl learned her lesson. My breakouts have not been as frequent as they were before, and I am not in nearly as much discomfort as I have been. I did have a noticeable breakout along my jawline several days ago. I had about 8 pimples that popped up along my lower jawline, whi

Week 6 on Ziana

11/4/15 Things are about the same for me this week. I went 2 days without any new pimples forming. I guess that’s progress. I have broken out again on my cheeks. The pimples are not as deep or big as they have been and came to a head in less than a day, but they are very painful and it is very difficult for me not to try and pop them or pick at them. Maybe it is itching and uncomfortable because it is healing? Besides that, I am flaking a little more than usual…probably due to the colder weather

Week 5 on Ziana

10/28/15 No notable difference this week. I continue to have days where I break out and days where it starts to clear up. This morning, the inflammation was not nearly as bad as it had been, and I have fewer active pimples on my face. Yay! My cheeks are absolutely covered in acne scars that are darker than they have been (almost a blue/purple color). But, I am starting to regain some hope that my acne may clear up…trying to stay patient.  

Week 4 on Ziana

10/21/15 My face continues to break out. New pimples form, and the old ones are going away slowly and leaving behind unsightly scars. I have about 15 active pimples right now, some more inflamed than others. Certain spots on my face continue to flake. I have continued with my regimen as normal, and I am still hoping to see results and for it to clear up. Side note: I think I accidently got Ziana on my neck because my neck flaked and dried out severely. It was really bad. I couldn’t wear black fo

Week 3 on Ziana

10/14/2015 It got even worse. At its worse, I had 7 or 8 under the skin cysts and about 25 red, inflamed pimples. It was incredibly painful, embarrassing, and uncomfortable. At this point, I hated ziana, a lot. Fortunately, it did not last more than 2 days and then began to clear up. This morning, I only have a couple of cysts on my cheeks that have greatly reduced in size, and about 15 active pimples that are getting better, slowly. My face is still worse than it was before I started ziana, but

Week 2 on Ziana

10/6/2015 My face is broken out severely…much worse than my usual breakouts.  I have 7 or 8 under the skin cysts that have shown up on my cheeks and hurt so badly…kept me up at night because they hurt so badly. I also have several places that popped up on my chin. I’m hoping this is the “purge” phase, and that it will get better over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I am pretty discouraged right now.

Week 1 on Ziana

10/01/2015 I started with my ziana gel last night before bed. I noticed that the gel was really sticky and it made it hard to spread all over my face. I probably ended up using more than the “pea size” amount recommended to make sure I applied some to my whole face. The next morning, my face looked okay. It was a little oilier that normal, and I noticed a few more little acne spots that popped up overnight, but I actually noticed some of the large, painful, deep “under the skin” cysts had reduce
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