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Spot treatment (manuka honey + Charcoal)

Manuka honey is known to have many healing properties and charcoal is known to draw impurities. 
Heres what i do as a spot treatment to replace benzoyl peroxide and other harsh drying products. I get some manuka honey that i bought at a vitamin store you want it to be 16+ activation or more. This just shows how potent the manuka honey is. I also bought activated charcoal tablets at the same vitamin store. So what i do is pop one of the tablets open and mix some of the charcoal with the manuka honey and dab it on my acne. One thing i see is that when i put this concoction or even manuka honey all over my skin it does more harm than good. So that's something you might want to watch out for, it works WAY better as a spot treatment only. 

One major thing is that it is pretty messy so you just have to be careful, i usually sleep with it and watch out for my blankets and put a towel down on my pillow so i don't get it everywhere. 

It doesnt necessarily heal them over night but it does help in the process, one thing i always remember is that theres no miracle product but things do help more than others. 





Skin Care Routine (natural products)

I've about had it with my acne, i have moderate to severe acne. I get the whole galore, cysts, white heads, clogged pores the whole shebang. My problem is that i freak out and try all these products that aggravate my face even more and its a mess and i end up losing and my face being even worse than before. I feel ugly because my skin never wants to stay clear. I dont want to go on anymore prescriptions and use any drugstore products that just dry my skin out more. I have oily skin and its a little sensitive. So i went on the Vitamin shoppe website and decided to buy a few things so i can clear my face and this routine will be what i will be sticking to for the next three months. Im still waiting for it to arrive which is my absolute favorite thing when it comes to online shopping but itll come soon i hope. 

here is going to be my skin care routine: NEW SKIN CARE REGIMEN   Starting: Whenever products come in    Going to do consistently for three months no matter what!  Vitamins internally:  Vitamin a  Msm    Skin care products:  Face wash: Neem and Tumeric  Toner: thayers Witch Hazel and Rose water  Moisturizer: water, tea tree oil and lavender oil - aloe Vera cream - simple face lotion spf 15 Serum: the essential oil mix or maracuja oil  Spot treatments: tea tree oil or lavender oil    Extra: Aztec healing clay mask  Manuka honey/charcoal mask 
konjac sponge
clarisonic   Morning routine: Wash face with Neem/Tumeric face wash Tone skin with witch hazel  Spray face with tea tree/lavender oil mix  Moisturize  Apply make up    Night routine:   Wash face with Neem and Tumeric face wash  (Sometimes with clarisonic)  Tone face with witch hazel  Spray face with tea tree oil, lavender water spray  Apply serum  Apply moisturizer if needed either msm cream or aloe Vera gel/cream  Spot treatment if needed either lavender oil or tea tree oil 




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