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Week 2: This Is Getting Interesting

Okay so today makes exactly two week on treatment.. So I haven’t been eating too healthy with the excuse that i need somewhat fatty foods for better absorption of the pill. And i feel like its catching up to me even if it’s only been two weeks. This morning i had a real bad episode of colic cramps. i haven’t been able to use the restroom at all. i maybe go like 2 days with no bowl movement. Today i sat down to try, and i guess i had so much build up gas inside ( sorry for the TM




Week 1; The Journey Starts!

hello! i am 22, 5'5, 130lb max & i am on 80mg daily of isotretinoin. i know its crazy. But you know what else is crazy... this severe acne.. My acne is nothing like what i have seen people on accutane for. That’s why i made the choice (not like i had much, nothing else worked) to start. i never really had severe acne, at all. Yes i had acne, but never severe until about 5-6 months ago. (bad break up of 2yr relationship) i was such a happy girl, confident, and loved to go out. I litera




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