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Almost 2 years post Accutane

Well alot has happened these past two years...Here is a quick recap... November 2008, 1 month before my wedding I stopped Accutane. Results were favorable. End of November 2008, Married my best friend!!! Wedding pictures looked GREAT!!! August 2009, Pregnant with our first baby! May 2010, Gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl!!! Now in August of 2010 I wanted to say I am so happy I took accutane! I can't tell you the last time I had a cyst. The occasional whitehead appears on my face weekly but goes away and does not leave a scar. I have to admit I have gotten better at NOT touching my face all the time and it definetely makes a difference. As for my daily washing routine now...I wash every night with St. Ives apricot scrub (LOVE) and after I used Oil of Olay Scrub/ Cleanser to just wash away anything I missed. It helps get the extra makeup off too. Then all I do in the morning is take a warm washcloth to my face and add a moisturizer. THAT'S IT!!! I am so happy with my results! Stick with it for those of you who think it will never get better. I have been there and it is the worst feeling in the world. But IT WILL GET BETTER!!! Trust me, someone who has struggled with acne her whole life and finally at the age of 26 has got in under control. I will post an updated picture for everyone so check it out!!! Good Luck to all and HANG IN THERE!