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over a month Post-accutane

Hello to anyone who reads this blog! Just wanted to let anyone know (who is curious about accutane and what happens afterwards) that my skin is still clear, and I finished my last dose a little over a month ago. I have continued to use cetaphil moisturizing cream tub for sensitive, dry skin, and a gentle face wash by cetaphil or cerave, too. I have gotten one pimple every now and then but just a drop of epiduo does the trick! (epiduo is also prescribed by dermatologist). I wasn't sure if my s

Last month on accutane w pics (:

Its been a long time coming! Yesterday I started my first dose of my last month of accutane. To fill you in, I'm 21 and female, have had moderately severe acne since 13, started accutane in August (started on 30 mg pills once day for two months, then 40mg pills once a day for two months, then taking 30 mg pills twice a day [60 mg total] for three months). and. it. WORKS! I highly recommend it if you are eligible. I basically have zero pimples now. The only thing left on my face is some scarri

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Day 40

Lips still very dry. A few times a day I actually go in the bathroom and have to rub my lips with water to get the old/ drying aquaphor and skin off and apply new aquaphor. (it doesn't look that bad tho, I've been keeping up with it. Its bareable.) I bring a pocket mirror with me everywhere, i don't care what people think about that - not about to walk around with nasty ash lips lol I still have good thoughts about this drug, i think I'm getting clearer little by little each day. Still see so

Day 30

1 month in, four or 5 more to go. The biggest hassle of all this bullship is making the monthly appointment, getting bloodwork, waiting for lab results, having to answer questions on pledge to make sure i know how not to get pregnant, and get approved to pick up the meds from the pharmacy. I guess guys don't have to do all that, so lucking fugging you. Anyway picked up my prescription today, doc has advised me to take two 30mg pills a day, meaning 60mg a day. I wonder how the side effects wi

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Day 25

These days are going by slow bruh Remember those lip blisters I was dealing with? They're gone now. I bought some blistex medicated lip ointment for lip blisters and applied it every night for two nights (not during the day bc its visibly white colored). I also stopped popping the blisters with my fingers bc that made the problem 8000x worse. I popped a few with a pointy paperclip instead. And also rested a lot and stayed in that day, thank you based god for the weekend. I still apply the bli

Day 17 - Help My Lips Please

No. Seriously. WHAT IS THIS ISH ON MY LIPS it won't show up in pictures very clearly, but its there. they start out like tiny little clearish/lip colored bubbles/bumps on my lips... theres more. WTF is this. when i stretch and examine my lips i can see little specks underneath the skin or something. i think this is almost worse than acne. Im not stopping the regimen but please somebody, if you have had this and know how to get rid of it please tell me? I honestly can't leave my room. I know t

Day 15

holy lips. so I developed a little red spot/sore on the side of my lip the other day. it wasn't that noticeable so wasn't worried. I also am not sexually active and test negative for herpes. I'm pretty sure it's from the accutane. HOWEVER, today I notice more red spots. the first side one has gone mostly. But midday I look in the mirror and it looks like theres a clear blister right in the middle of my lip. what the actual fcuk. I ran home and sorta squeezed it, clear liquid. it's a blister.

Day 7

Still a few more pimples while old ones start to calm down, but this is pretty much normal to me so I can't really call this my "initial breakout". Im hoping I don't have one, especially since I'm meeting a lot of people in the next few weeks. talk about bad timing. It actually looks like a few of these tiny little invisible white heads that are always hidden on my chin and around my mouth might rise to the surface in the next few days... maybe it'll be a subtle overnight thing? idk. I like

Day 3

A few pimples came to the surface, but this seems pretty normal since I pretty much always have pimples coming and going 24/7. I'm just hoping this is my skin purging the bad stuff and then it'll start to clear up! I'm still not that dry - I MAY be producing a little less oil? I just don't feel the need to blot my face with a tissue in the bathroom nearly as often and I feel like I don't look as shiny as I used to. I think my lips might be a little dry? Still not a huge difference, I'm just tryi

Day 1

obviously there's no change. but I'm the type of person to read up on all the side effects of a medication and get super paranoid and hyper aware of how my body's feeling n ish. so all day I'm thinking oh am I developing a headache? are my joints hurting? do I hear ringing in my ears? is my liver failing? literally just psyching myself into thinking I have symptoms. I don't tho, as of rn. still paranoid my liver might be failing without me knowing it lol I'm eager to take the next pill ev

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Just Picked Up Rx

Isn't it wonderful that I last made a post on here five years ago and still haven't solved my acne problems -___- So, brief overview so as not to bore you (I'm sure no ones reading this anyway), I am 20 years old. In college. Had acne since I was 13. I've tried benzoyl peroxide, (works awesome as a spot treatment, not for prevention), salicylic acid, epiduo (great spot treatment too), some antibiotics that made me feel like vomiting 24/7, and I've finally made the decision to try accutane.

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