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Pimples On Top Of Eczema

As we all know acne can be hard enough . However some are also struggling with eczema . As I do myself I know its hard. I got a patch on my face so I applied hydrocortisone and this then gave me 4 pimples that ache as well as the eczema still being there and I use BENZOYL peroxide which shouldn't be used on eczema (can't understand why my doctor gave it me ) However tonight I am going to just put sudocrem on it as it is for acne and eczema so it seems a good idea , I also take antihistamine, which is for hayfever which helps reduce my eczema , I usually don't get eczema on my forehead but the change in heat may of caused this I think , I'm trying to remain calm and not stress as stress is one of the main causes of my acne and eczema , acne wise my skin has cleared up , but I hope my eczema don't change that . Usually my eczema subsides over night , leaving a window open also helps as I don't sweat in my sleep worsening the condition. I have had lots of on and off diets and I will be restarting my no dairy and no sugar diet tomorrow as clear skin is my main goal as at the moment as I have no work to be stressing about. So if you suffer from eczema and acne here is what I say : drop the creams from the doctors for both your acne and eczema as one will just worsen the other either get some sudocrem or honey and leave it on the affected areas over night with a clean pillow case or clean towel on your pillow , a window open near . Drink plenty of water and eat fruit , as hard as it is ditch the junk food and just stay calm and don't stress about it as it wont make it better .




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