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First Entry Accutane

Hello, I am new on here. I wanted to be able to write how I feel with others who understand what I am going through. I'm a 23 year old female, I have been struggling with acne since about the 6th grade. I have been on multiple prescriptions and all have failed me. My derm finally recommended accutane. I am on my second month right now I weigh 120 lbs my first month I was on 40 mg of absorbica then 80 my second month and now 80 again. I have not had any side effects besides dry lips. But my acne is not improving at all. I am breaking out places I have never broke out before like my forehead and my cheeks. My back acne somewhat improved. But my face is horrible. I suffer from cystic acne that come up in the worst places. I just had a cyst injected three days ago I between my eyes for the 4th time and it's popping back out again. My acne is not severe but cystic i also have tons of clogged pores and blackheads. My skin is showing no improvement. I don't hang out with my friends anymore acne is killing my social life. This cyst that keeps popping up is killing me. My derm does not want to extract it because he doesn't want to give me a huge scar. He is not impressed with my results either. Did anyone have positive results from absorbica? Any advice for my cyst?? Also when do blackheads go away??