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My Story

Hi guys. I'm 20 and I have had acne now for 3 nearly 4 years. Im from the UK so some things may be different from people in other places, but I have tried every thing for my skin, Silver sirum, antibiotics, topical treatments, facials, Manuka honey, cutting out sugar and dairy and more. Literally everything! Ive always come on acne.org and read peoples blogs so now I've FINALLY been given accutane, I thought I would share my journey with you below ive posted photos of my skin before I started accutane so you can see what it's like! If I'm slow in replying to comments, or uploading then I applogise. Ive recently had a baby boy he's only 3 months old! (I was pregnant so they wouldn't let me on accutane). Ive heard a lot of good and bad things about this drug and I know some people react differently. This is my last resort so fingers crossed it works! Thanks for reading!