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Day One

Hello fellow acne-sufferers, My name is Marlissa, I am 23 years old with combination-oily skin (the most awesome skin type out there...NOT). Anyways I have mild/moderate acne which flares up extremely bad during the "time of the month" but sure that's a given. Throughout the rest of the month I am basically recovering from those breakouts (only to prepare for more). Currently, my acne routine is not strict because I am absolutely exhausted of seeing no results! I am on a BC called Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo (starting week 2 today) which I am using to control my menstrual cycle and hopefully eliminate the flare ups. Little bit about my past with acne: Started slowly peeking out around my junior year of HS - nothing that made me cake on the make-up if ya know what I mean!
I have sensitive skin, parts of my face are dry and at times flaky. Other parts are like an oil slick! I go through blotting tissues like it's nobody's business.
I have tried over-the-counter products (benzyl peroxided & salicylic acid & sulfur) - NO LUCK.
I have tried pro-activ - NO LUCK
I went to my dermatologist with only dreadful results. (Can provide my experience with these products later)
My acne has subsided for a little, and now I am left with hyper pigmentation (AWESOMENESS). I have attached some pictures with what my skin looks like today, such confidence builder right?




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