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Day 22

So I called my derm about my lip issues and she said to go buy hydrocortisone and that should help. I started getting these little bumps on my lip line and told her about those as well and since my next appointment is the 28th she said to stick to the HC and aquaphor for now and if I needed a prescription later she'd write one. Besides that I have switched to oil cleansing over cetaphil. It just was not getting my make up off. But oh my-lanta the oil I ordered was Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil and it felt so so so amazing. After I was done my face wasn't even tight like it normally is. Granted I still moisturized like crazy but I felt like i maybe could have went a bit without it. I tried Mario Badescue Aloe Vera Toner as well and it kinda made me a bit dryer than I would've liked to be but it seems to calm down some red areas I had. On the acne front my chin is a battlefield. There's like 3 in a diagonally line going from the corner of my lip down and I'm really hoping they heal this week. Besides that I have a lot of little ones popping up, a medium sized on on my check that's came up yesterday and is healing already (wahoo), and this nasty little thing coming up between the bridge of my nose and my eye. That's a new spot for me and I'm not to fond of it to be honest. It's weird how I was so afraid to take this medicine but now, even though I'm pretty broke out I know things are going to get better and I'm so excited! Hopefully if/when it gets worse I'm still this excited.




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Day 18

Everything was good until now-okay well like 4 days ago. I’ve always had oily skin so I got all excited about dry skin and my makeup staying on my face for once. But alas-I prepared. I asked my derm, I researched though so many blogs on here and found your favorite products. I got the biggest tub of aquaphor, a medium sized tube, and two small tubes-because Accutane is the bible ya’ll swear on in acne court. I got a huge tub of ceraVe cream and cetaphil face wash because my derm said they were the best. I ordered the favorite moisturizer of make-up artists around the world: Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè. And jojoba oil because it’s fun to say and what the hey some of you love it. I already had egyptain magic cause to me that mess is magic. Now onto the lips-I saw Dr.Dan’s cortibalm everywhere so I took my happy butt onto amazon ordered a two pack and started using it even before I got my pills. I got my fish oil, probiotics and fiber all ready for treatment-better safe than well really grumpy later. I switched my Kenra shampoo and conditioner over to a keratin based system and added head and shoulders almond oil (shudders). I looked forward to this mythical thing of only having to wash my hair every other day or less. I ordered a lovey rose water and aloe mist for mid-day dryness. I bought expensive ass eye drops both gel and contact approved cause I already get dry eyes. I found my stupid glasses for when I couldn’t wear my contact (yes contact, I have ONE bad eye that’s it, chew carrots on both sides kids). And it was all going great. Until like Monday So I have a question…I’m sitting at my desk and I have the following lip treatments : aquaphor, Dr. Dan’s, Blistex medicated balm, Blistex medicated ointment (this kinda burns), Rosebud salve, Bag Balm (this stinks but I kinda like it), Vaseline Lip Therapy, Carmex (OW holy hell this hurt!), Olive lips and Chapstick 8 hour moisture. That’s 10 right. Why do I feel like my lips are about to fall off? Right now the “magic” mix is Dr. Dan’s first them Bag balm on top of it. It’s more comfortable but will they ever heal? I can deal with dry but can barely eat without my lips burning now. And what product or combination am I missing here?