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What Is It?

Hi i'm 17, suffered from acne for as long as i can remember my face was getting really clear then around the time of my period i start to break out. This month it has been 3 weeks of this terrible acne, and i haven't even got my period yet!!!! Its mostly on the left side of my face (forehead and chin) my right side has about 4 pimples atm. I take very good care of my skin, wash it 2 times a day, and do tons of face masks. I try not to use any night treatments for the reason that it drys my skin out alot, but since i am breaking out so much at this time i used it tonight forgot how much i burned. I hope it will start to clear up in the next couple of days. My skin is very confusing i will have a face full of acne then 2 days later have clear perfect skin. Anyone have any suggestions?




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