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Doxycycline + Differin/cylindamycin/benzac

Today mark the 15th day into my doxycycline cycle. Just a small introduction, I am 28 years old female and had a sudden massive breakout last year Nov and continue till now. Underwent blue light therapy, chemical peeling and trying various cream, all these just dont work. I was free from whitehead and pimple for a short period of time, then boom!! They came out again and again... Out of frustration, I decided to ask my doctor to prescribe me with antibiotics. What I can say now, these drug cause a very messy breakout on me since end of week 1 of the antibiotic course. Reading through various blogs and reviews, I guess it was some initial breakout. Those breakout was red and inflammed with no head on my cheeks, chin and jawline. I started off with differin for my jawline area, hoping to clear the inflammed pops on the jawline. It did work off slowly to dry off some old pimple marks. As for those pops on my cheeks, I used cylindamycin. I have very sensitive skin, using any other cream caused redness. It work slowly but steadily. It was not as inflammed as it was during the first few days of my breakout. But it is still red. For Benzac 2.5%, I used it on my forehead. As the skin there wasn't as sensitive as my cheek and chin area. I still did not see any result from it. In summary, I hope the medicine work its way up. Hoping with all those cream, it can clear off those inflamed pop soonest. It is depressing, as you are not able to put on make up. As those bump still shows up. Cheer for me!




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