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Accutane - Day 6 - A Miracle!

Woohoo! The day after my emotional breakdown, my 5 day headache is gone. I woke up feeling pretty good, in spite of the fact one of my cats had been trying to wake me up since 5 a.m. It's like my body was just making sure I really wanted to go through with this. Body: "Ok, cool, I guess I'll give up stopping you from putting this crap in your body. FINE." It's funny how different people react to you going on Accutane and getting hit immediately with side effects: Brother (who doesn't ha

Background And Experience With Accutane, Day 4

Hello everyone! I'm a 28 year old female who's had acne for 17 year now. I got my first pimple at 9 years old, and had a face full of acne when I was 11. It destroyed my self-esteem, and I became painfully shy, and am still recovering. My parents and all the adults in my life told me I was eating too much junk food and not washing my face enough or not drinking enough water or that my acne would go away eventually. It never did. Once I finally had health insurance from my job, I started goin

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Day 30 - Womp Womp

Hey folks! Thought I'd update you on my progress. Two steps forward, one step back, I guess. I was all happy about how clear my skin was, and then my face decided to get one of the worst breakouts I've had in a while. Thank you time of the month. The photo attached is from a few days ago... trust me, it's even worse now. I have huge whiteheads all around my mouth area that I'm dying to pop (I won't). They compliment my chapped lips quite nicely. I saw my dermatologist yesterday. My bloodwork

Accutane - Day 5 - A Bad Day

Hello all! I didn't think I would update so soon, but I just need to vent. This drug... sucks. I feel like I've made a pact with the Devil--clear skin for the rest of my body. Now I know why doctors don't mess around with this crap. Day 5. Will I even make it through this? *sigh* My headache is still dull, but having a dull headache for 5 days is starting to get to me emotionally. I finally took Aleve for it today, and it was useless (but helped the leg pain!). I can understand why people ge

Day 21 - Getting A Handle On Things

Hey guys! Long time, no see. I've been traveling for work, so no time to keep updated until now. Here's where I am now. Had a breakout about 5 days ago (a normal one), and now am starting to clear up again. So far my acne is about the same as it was before I started, maybe a little better. But my skin is definitely starting to change. I had combo skin, and now I have dry skin. My skin used to be an oil slick by the end of the day, and now there's no oil. Even though it's dry and a little flak

Day 9 - Headache Free!

Hey guys! Since I had been having headaches every single day since I started Accutane (mild ones that would last for the majority of the day), I ended up calling my doctor yesterday and leaving a message with the nurse. The nurse called me back today and said that it was a common side effect when you first start Accutane, and not to worry if they're mild. But my doctor is going to closely monitor my headaches over the course of my treatment, and will ask me a lot of questions about them duri

Day 11 - Dry And Chapped

Hello! The side effects I had in the beginning (headaches, joint aches, irritability, blahness, low energy.... it really felt like a hangover for a week) are GONE! I'm feeling more like myself pre-Accutane, except for the dry dry dry lips and the start of dry skin. I can start logging more about my face/skin now! I'm glad I didn't give up right away! A week in, my skin was looking good, as I was recovering from a breakout, the 'tane was working, and my skin hadn't gotten super dry yet. But my

Day 7 - Pretty Good

Hope you don't mind the daily updates of every little aspect of what's happening to my body. I'm a writer, so I find blogging about this very theraputic and encouraging. So yesterday I spoke too soon. I ended up getting another headache, and that was very upsetting. I might have had a bit of a cry yesterday over feeling hungover for almost a week, being shallow enough to be doing this to my body in order to have clear skin, and then crying about how much my skin does suck. So yeah, I guess I

Still Here!

I haven't been writing because there's nothing new to report. My skin is starting to get better again after my gross hormonal (perhaps an "initial") breakout. Hoping that I won't get another one this month. My side effects are about the same or better, except for the dryness on my face and lips, which seems to be a little worse. It's still weird to me how my skin is different now. I was so used to combination skin, it was my skin, and now it's just dry and feels like someone else's skin. Acc

Photo Album

Hi! I created my photo album with my pre-Accutane and day 7 face. I'll keep updating it weekly. Enjoy gawking at my acne!
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