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This my experience on proactiv, when I was little around the age of 11-12 I started to develope acne. It wasn't bad I used drug store face washes, although it was working I had little knowledge about acne. I noticed that all the face washes I use perviousily didn't work out at all. Around the age of 15 I started to use proactiv because I thought it was just like some ordinary drug store face wash. I received a sample of the product (came with all three steps), the first night I use proactive I noticed a HUGE difference I was happy at last but once the sample ran out so did my perfect skin. I've notice my pimple coming back, and it came back worse. I was frustrated and depressed. I went back to drug store products and my face wasn't the same, some products work but i didn't see any result after using a the entire bottle. Some how people convinced me to use proactiv again, So I did. It's because I was reciving the products for free. The second time I use it, it was working fine... Actually better than the drug store products. But Ive noticed my skin drying up sooo bad and I was afraid using a moisturizer that didn't come from that company would be to much chemicals on my face (yes, Now I know there way more chemicals in proactiv) so because of that and my laziness of applying the three steps morning and night I stopped using it. Al though I didn't quit immediately I used it less everyday until I completely stopped and I did this on my third try on Proactiv. I'm 17 now turning 18 in a month, my acne is bad and I'm currently using drug store products. I've tried homemade mask and exfoliators but nothing can eliminate my acne. Is there anything anybody can recommend?




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