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Oil Replacement Method And Lasers

Hey guys, glad you stumbled onto my blog. I should start off by saying I've beaten moderate acne through holistic methods roughly a year ago, but unfortunately i'm left with a fair few shallow scars and large pores with blackheads. Blah. Anyway that's going to be the focus of this blog. After some time of just leaving these scars and blackheads alone, I've decided i'm going to get back on the horse and see if i can find a method to banish these blackheads forever. I've used all kinds of natural, unnatural topical treatments which only seem to provide temporary relief, and in most cases actually make blackheads come back more aggressively. Currently i'm getting laser treatment for my scars as well, i'll post pics and tell you how it goes. As for the blackheads, I've been trying the oil replacement method, just using olive oil, and i think its showing very good results! Thirdly, i have one very annoying raised scar on the side of my neck, i'll be trying to treat this with Vaseline and rubbing. it's proven really difficult to get any decent photos showing my scars or blackheads, post if i can! Adios Amigos.




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